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Loyalty Program – Wheel Spins

Loyalty Program – Wheel Spins

You deserve more, and more is what we will give you! Every wheel spin wins! Starting at the first of each month, you will be able to progress through our Loyalty Program to spin our Prize Wheel and win Bonus Money.

It’s all very simple: You earn points by playing our casino games. The more points you earn, the more wheels you spin. The more wheels you spin, the better the rewards get as you progress through each of our ten (10) loyalty tiers. We have tailored each additional Wheel Spin you reach to have increasing returns just for you. Please scroll down to the Progress Bar section for more specifics about how this works.

Since we also want to reciprocate your loyalty to us, we have also ensured a special VIP Promotions calendar for all players that reach at least Tier 7 each month. What does this mean? If you reach Tier 7 within any given month, in addition to receiving Bonus Money from our Loyalty Program Wheel Spins, you also get more rewards and promotions the following month because we all know you deserve it.

Progress Bar

Progress Bar

Our unique progress bar makes it very easy for you to follow in real time which tier you are at in our Loyalty Program, and equally as important, how many points you are away from reaching the next tier and earning guaranteed Bonus Money prizes from your next Wheel Spin. You can easily track your progress by going to “My Rewards” or simply looking at the meter on the top of the page near “My Account”.

You will notice a number at the bottom of your Avatar representing your tier. This number tells you which loyalty tier you are in at the moment. The progress bar represents your progress through your existing tier, and once you reach the end, you will receive a Wheel Spin guaranteeing Bonus Money prizes, and your loyalty tier number will advance to the next number. The progress bar will reset, but your tier number will continue to increase as you progress playing with us!

Don’t forget, our Loyalty Program resets on the first of each month, so climb your way to the top to reap all the benefits and ensure you receive our special Promotions Calendar exclusively for our VIPs the following month.

You deserve more rewards!

Wheel Tier Points to Reach
1 40
2 160
3 400
4 760
5 1,400
6 2,800
7 5,200
8 8,800
9 13,600
10 20,000
(10+) contact Player Support

Game Wager Per 1 Point
Slots/Video Bingo $5
Roulette/Other Table $10
Blackjack/Video Poker $25

Bonus Bank

Bonus Bank

At the heart of our reinvestment program is our Bonus Bank. We believe you deserve an easy to understand, flexible, and fair way to claim your Bonus Money. We also understand that it is your Bonus Money and you should have full control over deciding when and how much of your Bonus Money to play. For example, you can play it all immediately or stack it and save some or all for later. Most importantly, you can easily track at all times how much Bonus Money you have to play through until the winnings are yours to cash out if you’d like.


Bank it – Bonus money received from our various promotions such as our Prize Wheel Spin, Bingo Games, and Leaderboard can be stacked and added to your Bonus Bank OR played through immediately if no existing bonus is active.

Play it – Simply click the My Bonus Bank dropdown on the top banner or My Bonuses under the My Account dropdown to activate your Bonus Money to play through with our player friendly, lowest play through requirement in the market (only 1 times play through!). You can track your bonus play through progress on your Bonus meter so you know exactly how much to play before the Bonus Money is yours for the taking. Please note that Bonus Money activated from your Bonus Bank has to be played on eligible games (any slot or video poker games) and our site/app will remind you of this at the time.

Take it – Once you have played through your Bonus Money and satisfied our industry low 1x play through requirements, all of your winnings are yours for the taking.

Bonus Money Meter

Tied in with our Bonus Bank is our Bonus Money Meter. This is where you can easily see how much Bonus Money you have currently activated and how much longer before the winnings are yours for the taking. Whenever you receive Bonus Money through our Promotions and Rewards that are Bonus Bank eligible (i.e. 1X play through on slot or video poker games), you will be able to add the Bonus Money to your Bonus Bank OR play through it immediately if no other bonus is active. We developed the Bonus Money Meter to provide you with full transparency at all times over the status of your Bonus Money. You can choose how much Bonus Money you want to activate so you are not tied down to anything. You choose whether you want to gamble with Bonus Money or your money, it’s that simple. To do so, simply choose how much of your Bonus Money you would like to activate, click activate, and play through the Bonus Money. The Bonus Money Meter will show your progress so you know exactly how much you need to play through before the winnings are yours for the taking.

If you are issued a bonus with a play through requirement above 1X (i.e. a blackjack specific bonus) that is not eligible for the Bonus Bank, you must activate it when you have no current active bonus. If you are in the middle of an active bonus, please either complete it or contact Player Support to cancel it. Please note that regardless of the type of bonus issued, the Bonus Money Meter will always track how close you are to satisfying the play through requirement to release your cash.

You can visit the My Bonus Bank dropdown or go to My Bonuses under the My Account dropdown to keep track of your Bonus Money.

Weekly Leaderboard

Weekly Leaderboard

Join your fellow SugarHouse friends and climb your way to the top of the Weekly Leaderboard. In addition to $20 in Bonus Money guaranteed weekly if you complete Levels 1 through 4, you can also battle it out for additional cash from a weekly leaderboard prize pool of $1,200 in Bonus Money by ending the week in one of the top 50 positions on the Leaderboard!

To earn points, you may either make a $50-$99 deposit each week for 2 points, $100+ deposit each week for 5 points, or earn 1 point for every $50 wagered. Plus, for each day you wager at a slot or video bingo game, you will earn 2 points. The Leaderboard begins at Level 5, but you will receive $5 Bonus Money for each earlier Level you reach because, of course, you deserve more! Once you reach Level 5, you can duke it out for the top spot to win a larger share of the $1,200 weekly prize pool!
**You must wager a minimum of $100 (bonus money not included) and Deposit a minimum of $50 in each promotional week in order to qualify for any bonus money prize.

Participants begin each week at Level 0 and can earn points to reach higher levels. Available levels and the points necessary to reach those levels are as follows:

Level Reached Total Points Bonus Money Earned
0 0-9 $0 guaranteed
1 10-19 $5 guaranteed
2 20-29 $5 guaranteed
3 30-39 $5 guaranteed
4 40-49 $5 guaranteed
Leaderboard Over 50 Up to $150 MORE

Participants can earn points to reach higher levels only through the following activities during each Promotion Period:

Deposit $50-$99 in the week to earn 2 points, or Deposit $100+ in the week for 5 points

For Every Of This Amount You Earn
Wager on Slot or Video Bingo Games $50 1 Point
Promotion Day with Slot Play 2 Points

**For example: Deposit $60 (earn 2pts), wager $1,000 (earn 20pts) and login and play everyday (earn 14pts) for an easy 36pts for the week

Check your status daily on our Leaderboard promotions page to see your rank and prize.