Basketball point spread and how to bet on basketball

Many gamblers believe that making basketball bets is very easy.  But the truth is that basketball bets are more complicated than it may seem at first glance. All sports bets have their unique complexity, specificities, and characteristics. In this article we want to offer you a guide with tips and strategies to be able to make better basketball bets and, therefore, have more chances to win.

These are very simple strategies and recommendations that will allow you to better understand these characteristics of the world of basketball, so you can become an increasingly specialized gambler in this market. You already know that this is one of the keys to good bets, specialization.

And is that many rookie players – whether in basketball or any other sport – make bets randomly and lose real chances of winning. Before betting – in addition to knowing very well the market on which you are going to bet your money – you should always do a small study to decide if the bet is worth it and has value, or it is better to look for another market that can offer you better profit.

So, today we are going to tell you – among other things – how to analyze your possible bets, what variables you must take into account, and how to bet on basketball. Although at first it may seem more complex, with practice you will be able to make all those assessments quickly and your bets will gain in quality and you will make a profit. Unfortunately, like everything worthwhile, this requires making some effort to study, learn and practice.

Strategies to make winning bets in basketball

To start, you should know that many of the strategies we are going to talk about are based on statistics. In case you did not know – and then you have a problem – to make good bets you have to juggle with numbers. To begin with, we bet on odds, which are the mathematical expression of the chances that bookers give to the result of a sporting event, in this case, a basketball game.

But let’s review the basic and essential tips to make better basketball bets.

Do not rush and study the available markets

Our first recommendation is that you choose a competition in which you want to specialize or the market you are passionate about. Think a little about the things you comment on matches and you can find your favorite market. You can make a silly bet on the German basketball league to try, but if it is not the market, you usually follow and study unless you are a betting machine, you have a divine gift or luck smiles at you, chances are that you end up losing money on this type of bets. That is to say: choose your competition and your market and become a specialist in it.

Pay attention to the main basketball markets

As we have seen, it is common in novice bettors – and also experts – to find attractive bets and feel the urgent need to put some money into them. We warm up and want to place the bet no matter what because we feel like watching the game, we think it will be interesting or we want to see a star in action. It is not a good idea to bet on a whim without analyzing a bet. Wait and think if the market is worth it and you know it enough to have a minimum success rate. Because there is no question that you can be very good at making bets on the NBA or ACB, but are you an expert when it comes to the rest of the markets?  Each market has its specificities and characteristics you need to be familiar with.

The best advice we can give you is that you should not assume you know everything about how to bet on basketball: that is the secret. Some believe that if a player changes his team or league, everything will be the same. And it is not usually like that. Don’t take anything for granted, the rules change, people don’t work the same everywhere. Any fan knows that players do not perform the same on all teams, not all coaches fit the same, nor are all leagues equivalent. And not all the arbitrations and defense and attack styles are the same. You don’t have to be a wizard of bets to understand this.

Specialize in a competition and basketball market that you are passionate about and bet only on them. And if you like basketball, enjoy the rest of the leagues where you don’t bet as a mere fan. Bets are a business, and business doesn’t mix with pleasure if you don’t want to make mistakes.

Small markets are usually the most profitable

We all love watching NBA games because the NBA is the most spectacular league in the world, and we all think we know a lot of American basketball, but the reality is that all sports fans think they are head coaches – and the truth is that they are not.

In fact, in the USA everything is big: when making bets you will compete against fabulous sportsbooks highly specialized in that market (because it attracts a lot of players) and with bettors who have been watching and betting on that league since their childhood. So, the competition will be fierce and it will be very difficult to make a profit unless you are really very good and completely dominate this league, because you are going to measure yourself at the highest level.

Therefore, if you have not yet chosen a market, we recommend that you specialize in smaller markets with less competition. Moreover, profitability in basketball is obtained in the so-called market niches.

Try the combos

High rollers often use intensively the combo bets in basketball. The multiplier effect of the combos is usually an important factor when making a possible winning bet, although the combined ones have their peculiarities and, of course, you also have to know them. Most of the bettors in basketball usually make combined bets with a maximum of 4 or 5 results. As a general rule, we recommend making multiple bets between two and four results, combining three probable results and a slightly riskier one, for example.

Take advantage of all the bonuses and offers at your fingertips

Almost all the online sportsbooks offer Welcome Bonuses to new customers, which allows you to start your journey with more balance and test its operation before investing your money with them, something that always comes in handy. It is also frequent that, on the occasion of competitions or special matches, concrete offers or promotions are offered, in the form of a bet return, free bet, increase in profits, promotions of combined bets … all of them are good opportunities to make bets that allow you to win good money, as long as you read all the conditions because everyone has quite strict conditions.

What basketball bets are there?

Depending on the market or the competition, you will have options or types of bets available to make your forecasts. Among the main bets that we can find to bet on basketball, we can highlight the following:

Match bets: it’s like the winner of the match in soccer or 1 × 2 in soccer.   In the case of basketball, except in rare cases, the tie for bets is not considered, because it is a highly unlikely result, so the sportsbooks will offer you only odds for either winner, not for a draw. Bets on the game are the most typical in basketball.

Betting on the winner of the quarters and the first half: you can bet on the winner of the first quarter, the second quarter, the winner of the first half, the third quarter and, finally, the last quarter. Usually, the team that scores the most points in that room is bet on.

Handicap betting on basketball. The basketball handicap is a bit complicated to understand, so let’s use an example: imagine a match between Lakers vs Warriors, Lakers play at home. In these circumstances, it is normal for those in the city to end up winning the game. If it is considered that they will win by +12 points, with the handicap you will bet not so much on whether Lakers victory, but that they win by a difference of at least 12 points. The handicap in basketball is one of the more interesting bets, which guarantees in a certain way a market fairly approximate to reality.

Other bets that you can place on basketball include the combined bets on the winner, basketball money line, basketball spread point (basketball spread betting seems that it would be the same as the handicap, but it is different), total points, etc.

In basketball, you can bet on countless markets, so it is convenient to focus on a competition where you will find a generous offer of bets. Some bettors specialize in bet types and then make bets of that kind on all markets. You should choose the market first and then the type of bet that suits you best.


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