Extra Helpings of Bingo

King Cash wants to give you a few more things to be thankful for this holiday weekend! Load your plate up with juicy turkey, sweet pumpkin pie, buttery mashed potatoes… but don’t forget the extra helpings of BINGO!!!

Deposit with code THXGIVING17 from Thursday, November 23 rd , 2017 through Sunday, November 26th, 2017. Receive bingo tokens to special Bingo games by depositing the following amounts:

Deposit $25-$49.99 on a single deposit and receive 1 token
Deposit $50-$99.99 on a single deposit and receive 3 tokens
Deposit $100 or more on a single deposit and receive 7 tokens
Use code THXGIVING17 as many times as you want! It all depends on how hungry you are for extra helpings of BINGO!

King Cash will host an additional 24 Bingo games per day from noon to midnight on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. The first 10 players to claim BINGO will win a share of $125 in Bonus Money each game for a total of $12,000 in Bonus Money given out ALL WEEKEND LONG!

1st : $30 in Bonus Money
2nd : $25 in Bonus Money
3rd : $20 in Bonus Money
4th : $15 in Bonus Money
5th : $10 in Bonus Money
6th -10th : $5 in Bonus Money each


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