Find out how to get the top consensus NBA picks

Basketball is one of the most spectacular and dynamic sports in the US. It is rightfully one of the most popular team disciplines among bettors. The NBA does not cease to amaze us with its thrilling encounters and juicy betting opportunities. So, do not hesitate and read our NBA betting tips below to hit the jackpot by betting on the most beautiful basketball games on the planet.

The American Basketball League boasts the best sports statistics system in the world. Knowledge is the key. Since NBA betting is essentially about using odds in your favor instead of making the right predictions, we recommend that you ignore the favorites. It is known that the Miami Heat and the Golden States Warriors perform well. The media coverage enjoyed by these teams is huge. So, you have little interest in dwelling on these teams because the profit you could make from their victories is relatively small. Always be on the lookout for less preferred teams such as Anthony Davis’s Pelicans. They are not leaders in the NBA, but are perfectly able to align a series of exceptional performances to upset the NBA team hierarchy. Another important element: long road trips can affect the performance of an NBA team. This factor should be taken into account when a team plays away.

The benefits of NBA consensus picks

There are many websites where you will find NBA betting picks and expert opinions. You will discover not only picks on the outcome of a basketball game but also on various types of bets on teams and players. Beginners do not have the knowledge the experienced tipsters have. Often, beginners are not aware of all the nuances to correctly calculate their chances to win and, because of this, they make a lot of mistakes, apply the wrong betting strategy and lose in the end.

In this situation, the NBA consensus is the perfect solution. NBA betting picks are shared by the general public and experts with a reputation on specialized websites. If you are taking your first steps in predicting basketball games, you can also use this information because consensus picks represent the public’s tendency to bet on certain games. You should, however, exercise some caution here, because sometimes the majority may simply bet on favorites without doing a proper analysis. You can also fade the public, that is, betting against the basketball consensus. For that, you should always look at the percentages displayed by bookmakers for the various types of bets.

Start with simple bets: bets on the total (Over/Under)

The betting opportunities on the NBA are wide with many options available. If you are a basketball novice, you have to start with simple bets to familiarize yourself with this market and the dynamics of the matches. When you place an over / under bet on an NBA match, you focus on a single aspect of that match, which is the number of points scored by both teams in that match. Over / under bets also apply to every quarter or half of a match.

Here’s an example of an NBA over / under bet on

Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers, total over 211, odds @ 1.94 In the example above, the total number of points between Clippers and Raptors is set at 211 points. If the Raptors win the game with a score of 112-100, the total points scored are 212. If you place an Over bet, your stake will be multiplied. But, if the Raptors won 109-102, the combined final score would be 211 and the players who placed an Under bet would win.

Use our odds to find the best moves to make. To start betting on your favorite team, you only have one thing to do: open an account on and take part in the show.


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