Golf Betting Basics & Tips

golf betting basics tips

In the world of sports, betting takes a very important part. Be it football, basketball, rugby, or any other sport, it is quite an extensive field. Betting is no stranger to golf either. So, betting has taken up and involves more and more people by the day. It is not an easy job if you want to be successful and, why not, wealthier than at the time of placing the bet. Taking a lucky shot or placing an informed bet? This is what makes the difference.

Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to take a good look at our bet placing tips and golf betting basics. You need to understand before you act. Golf is calm, fun to play and watch, and a good chance to increase your earnings. So, don’t overlook these tips. They will come in very handy.

What you need to know before betting on golf

Before placing a bet on golf, there are a few golf betting basics you need to understand. Being efficient at this will require some golf betting tips we will offer you. There is a multitude of methods to place a bet on golf and the number of people playing golf does not make it any easier. A golf tournament can involve up to 140 players. That’s quite a lot. But there is no need to get discouraged. If you read these golf betting tips you will see that golf is quite easy to bet on golf.

The first thing you need to take into consideration when you place a bet is the type of field and the players who will be attending the tournament.

Consider the length of the course: long ones are favorable for the players who hit the ball far off into the distance, whereas the short ones are level playing courses, which enhance accuracy. Try to focus on the style of playing of the participants in the tournament, watch their styles and draw conclusions to make an opinion on what to follow and what to analyze when placing a golf bet.

Also, look at the PGA Tour Website, which offers you good information on the players and their playing history. This will help you make your selection among the wide range of players a good one. The type of course is not a thing to ignore. It is important if you are trying to learn golf betting basics and pay attention to these details, which will ensure you a successful bet.

How to bet on golf – types of golf bets

Given the multitude of players taking part in a tournament, there are several types of bets you can choose from to place. First, there is the outright bet, which means that you will be placing a bet on the winner of the tournament before the start of it. This is indeed very challenging and would imply very good odds and very good knowledge of the players. The difficulty of the choice of the winner is only surpassed by the huge profit you can make out of it. Using a small amount of money, you can make a big profit, but this is very tough.

Second, there is the top-20 bet, which is easier and implies less pressure – so to speak – on you and your chances of placing a lucky or informed guess in a tournament as vast as a golf one. This means that you should place a bet on a player that will finish in the top 20. It is not as profitable as the outright bet, but it will give you more chances to make a winning prediction as to who the winner will be. This is where you need to use your research work regarding the type of course and the history of the player in order to make a good prediction of the winner of the game.

Also, there is the 2-ball or 3-ball wager. This is where you place a bet in a fight against two or three players, in a single round or throughout the tournament. This involves less research work because it will allow you to focus on a smaller number of players to take into consideration. This will increase your odds to win because you will know what to look at and who to place your bet on. It is easier to choose and follow a smaller number of players, not to mention that your chances will increase quite well.

Common mistakes in golf betting

There are some mistakes you should try to avoid making. Although betting can seem a simple thing, be advised that there are some golf betting mistakes a beginner can make. Therefore, we are offering you the chance to avoid them. It can’t hurt to take a look.

As mentioned above, placing an outright bet is the most difficult part of the job. If you try to pick the winner of the tournament and you are not experienced at this, you will most likely fail. Not even the most experienced bettors venture so far. It is better to place a top-20 or a 2-ball or 3-ball. It is much easier, and you will avoid a golf betting mistake that would only make you lose some money.

It is better to start small and work your way up to the top. Start with an easier bet and, as you gain experience, you will have more insight into this vast realm.

Again, the PGA tour website may prove to be a helpful instrument, which you should definitely take into account. They measure the metrics of the players’ strokes and provide you with statistics that come in handy when analyzing the type of course, the performance of the players, and your chances of placing a winning bet. Make this your strength and you will only have something to win. Especially since it’s all free.

Also, another way to avoid making betting mistakes is to try to be consistent in your betting. Most average bettors want to win, not like the experienced ones, who can and know how to wait in patience for the money to come. The safest way to ensure your win is constancy. Try not to vary your bets too much and focus on certain players, analyze their style and take all the other golf betting tips into account. There is no need to jump from one player to another just because they did not win a game.

It is very important to be patient. Golf is a game of patience. Why? Because there are a lot of players to follow and analyze throughout the tournament and there is a good chance you won’t be making a winning lucky bet for a while before you gain experience and insight into the white game.

Find your winning bets in golf!

If you follow these golf betting tips, you will have a good chance of becoming an experienced bettor and making quite good money just by being patient, insightful and inquisitive. This is an investment worthwhile, and, in the long run, it can turn into a profitable business.

Not to mention that it’s fun to watch, it’s time well spent in the open air and a good opportunity to take up a hobby. You never know when the bettor becomes the one placed a bet on!


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