The Hunt for October: MLB Stat Stacker Sweeps

🍁⚾ The Hunt for October is ON ⚾🍁

Do you want to win BIG MONEY?! Now’s your chance with our October MLB Stat Stacker Sweepstakes! There is one week left and this is your time to bet on the last few games remaining in the 2019 World Series. Who are you betting on?? Keep reading to learn how to participate.


All SugarHouse Online Sportsbook Players will receive entries for the MLB Playoff game they wager on given they place at least $50 in real money (pre-match or live) on that event. Players may receive multiple entries by placing multiple $50 wagers and/or placing wagers greater than $50. Bet yet?! Players will receive one entry for each factor of $50, i.e. a $100 bet would earn the player two entries, a $240 bet would earn the player 4 entries. The maximum number of entries a user can receive per game is 50 entries.

Each of these prizes is given out per event in each game throughout the playoffs:

For each game in the 2019 MLB playoffs, the number of incidents for each specific event will determine the number of raffles for that given game. For example:

In a given game of the 2019 MLB Playoffs, there are a total of 20 strikeouts, 3 stolen bases, and 2 home runs the following drawings at random will occur: 20 drawings for $25 in bonus money, 3 drawings for $100 in bonus money, and 2 drawings for $150 in bonus money.

If a user bets a total of $150 on a given game, that user has received 3 entries. If 1 of those 3 entries is chosen as a winner, that specific entry can no longer win the user a prize. However, the final 2 entries received can still earn the user a prize for those that are left.

Prizes will be given out in order of the lowest amount first, with the drawing for all strikeouts occurring first followed by stolen bases, home runs, triples, etc.


  • Players enter the raffle by placing real money wagers totaling $50 or more on a given baseball game, pre-match or live bets
  • Each game is independent of others, with new raffles for the specific events that occurred in each given game
  • More raffle entries will be received as more money is bet. Each $50 or more bet will receive another raffle entry
  • Any bets that are cashed out before completion of the game will not be counted towards the player’s total amount wagered on the match

Raffles will be drawn and winners announced by 3:00 PM the day after each game is completed. Make sure to check back here for updates on the winners of the previous game!

💸 Here’s to winning the BIG MONEY 💸


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