iRush Rewards Loyalty Program Enhancements including an all new Bonus Store

iRush Rewards Loyalty Program Enhancements including an all new Bonus Store

On behalf of our Management Team, we want to thank you for being a customer. We always aspire to earn your loyalty and trust.

We believe that part of earning trust is taking our players’ feedback seriously. In late 2017, we conducted a player survey and learned that our players were dissatisfied with the monthly re-set component of our iRush Rewards Loyalty Program. As a direct response, we went to work on finding a better approach, and we’re proud to share with you the following enhancements that went live March 1st:

1. Your iRush Rewards Loyalty Level will no longer reset monthly (Note: the points reset for a final time March 1st in connection with the launch of the new program).

2. We’ve enhanced the iRush Rewards Loyalty Program by creating a new Bonus Store, where you can choose how and when to redeem new Bonus Store Points on a wide range of exciting gambling-related bonuses and rewards.

3. We have raised the benefits available that you can redeem in a month! Previously, the maximum points you could earn to redeem wheel spins was 20,000 in a month. Now, with the new Bonus Store, the maximum amount of Bonus Store Points you can earn in a 30-day period is 30,000 points!

Bonus Store Points are new points you can now use to redeem rewards in the Bonus Store. You will earn Bonus Store Points at exactly the same rate as Loyalty Level Points. Similar to how our Bonus Bank currently offers you the flexibility to manage when and how you redeem your Bonus Money, the new Bonus Store also gives you the freedom to choose the rewards you want and when you want them! Rather than only redeeming your points for automatic wheel spins, you can now redeem your Bonus Store Points for a wider selection of bonuses, including Bingo Tokens, Scratch Cards, or even different versions of Wheel Spins. As you will see, your Loyalty Level also plays a part in the Bonus Store – the higher Loyalty Level you achieve, the more generous rewards you’ll be able to unlock.

Loyalty Level Points are the same points that you’ve always earned from real money wagering on our site, and they are used to determine your iRush Rewards Loyalty Level. The points now work on a 60-day rolling period, offering a better user experience, and the opportunity to enjoy less volatility in what is a more accurate representation of each customer’s loyalty journey. All points will stay with you for 30 days from the date that you earn them. For the next 30 days, they will gradually decline. Fortunately, any decrease in points during the rolling 60-day period will be replaced with new points you earn, so your Loyalty Level will always and more accurately reflect your real money wagering activity. The thresholds for reaching (and maintaining) each Loyalty Level are still the same as in the previous monthly-based program. For example, Level 5 is still at 1,400 points.

Please note that each real money wager earns you the same amount of Loyalty Level Points and Bonus Store Points. The formula for earning points has remained the same as it was in the previous iRush Rewards Loyalty program.

Because You Deserve More, we will credit your account with 50 Bonus Store Points per Loyalty Level you reach by the end of last month so you can immediately redeem your first bonus in our new Bonus Store! Keeping with the You Deserve More theme, we also wanted to let you know that in addition to recently increasing the number of winners in each Bonus Bingo game to 4 players, we’ve also just increased the guaranteed number of Bonus Bingo games triggered each and every week to at least 140 games so you will have many more chances to win!

Visit our new Bonus Store Grand Opening and learn more about our new Loyalty Program here.

We appreciate your feedback, so please continue to share your thoughts at [email protected]


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