King Cash’s $100,000* Holiday Hunt

Nothing brings greater joy during the holiday season than sipping some mulled wine and attempting to put together a puzzle in front of the fire. King Cash loves puzzles over the holiday season and to make this tradition even more satisfying, he has created a “King Cash’s $100,000* Holiday Hunt” puzzle. Completing it isn’t just about the gratification of the final image but also the instant prizes you’ll win along the way!

You’ll have from December 1st through December 24th to collect all 20 pieces to complete King Cash’s Holiday Hunt Puzzle. The hunt is split into two parts. Here’s how you can earn pieces:

Part 1:

From December 1st through December 10th: King Cash will release a new challenge on the website EVERY DAY. During this timeframe, there will be a total of 10 challenges. Each challenge that you successfully complete will earn you one of the ten puzzle pieces (numbered #1-#10) available to collect. In some cases, Bonus Money prizes will be awarded along with the puzzle piece if you successfully complete the challenge! For each challenge, you’ll have from the moment it is released through December 24th at midnight to complete the challenge and collect your puzzle piece associated with that challenge. We’ll credit your puzzle piece, and when prizes are involved, your prizes and/or Bonus Money (which will be directly added to your Bonus Bank) the day after you’ve completed the challenge. For example, if you complete a challenge released on December 7th, you’ll receive your puzzle piece AND Bonus Money by 3 p.m. EST on December 8th.

Part 2:

On December 11th King Cash will release his Holiday Hunt scratch card. These scratch cards will include puzzle pieces #11, #12, #13, #14, #15 as well as instant Bonus Money rewards. The more you wager, the more scratch cards you earn to reveal the valuable puzzle pieces or instant Bonus Money wins! You will have until midnight on December 24th to earn scratch cards. Stay tuned for how to earn these cards!

On December 15th King Cash will release his special Golden Holiday Hunt scratch card that includes the final 5 pieces of the puzzle (pieces #16, #17, #18, #19, #20) as well as instant Bonus Money wins. This Golden card also has a few complete the entire puzzle at once pieces hidden so players have a chance to complete the puzzle here even if they missed an earlier puzzle piece! So, if you’re lucky, you can complete the entire puzzle in one go! You will have until midnight on December 24th to earn Golden Holiday Hunt scratch cards and complete the puzzle.  Stay tuned on how to earn these cards!

But don’t wait until the last moment because King Cash has announced a race for the prize money. The first one to complete the puzzle will get $1,000 in Bonus Money! So, the quicker you complete the puzzle, the more you win! EVERYONE who completes the puzzle is guaranteed at least $100 in Bonus Money.

The complete Bonus Money prize structure:

1st place: $1,000

2nd place: $900

3rd place: $800

4th place: $700

5th place: $600

6th place: $500

7th place: $400

8th place: $300

9th place: $200

10th place +: $100 (EVERYONE who completes the puzzle is guaranteed $100 in addition to the instant wins along the way)

Visit your My Rewards page to view all released challenges and track your collected puzzle pieces.


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