King Cash’s Jackpot Sweepstakes

Players can play their favorite casino games all through November and earn iRush Rewards Loyalty Points to receive sweepstakes entries. To earn one entry into the daily sweepstakes, you need to earn only 5 iRush Rewards Loyalty Points in a calendar day. The number of entries you can earn per day is unlimited! For every 5 sweepstake entries earned by a single player, King Cash adds bonus money to the prize pool, so the more players reach 5 entries (25 iRR loyalty points) the greater the pool becomes. And what’s even better, King Cash will also add bonus money to the month-long jackpot! For every 100 iRR loyalty points, you will earn an entry to the month jackpot sweepstakes.

This is rolling throughout the month November 1st through the 30th and overlaps with the earning of daily entries. So each spin you play contributes to both entries simultaneously! It’s a team effort! Watch the daily and monthly sweepstakes prizes grow bigger and bigger and bigger until you hit the JACKPOT!

The daily sweepstakes pot is reset at midnight after each calendar day and the 10 daily winners of the previous day’s jackpot sweepstakes will be posted our rewards page the following day when you login. The mega jackpot monthly sweepstakes pot will accumulate bonus money from November 1st 2017 through November 30th 2017 and 25 players will share in the mega jackpot sweepstakes. Look out for the running amount listed on the site so your eyes can feast on a monthly jackpot prize the size of King Cash’s Thanksgiving Day spread!


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