King Cash’s A-Maze-Ing Race

King Cash is getting into the fall spirit! What’s better than sipping on a hot chocolate and going through a corn maze? How about doing it from the comfort of your own home and being able to win BIG PRIZES?!

Now that we have your attention… on behalf of King Cash, NJ is inviting you to participate in our first-ever A-Maze-Ing race! 

We’ve set-up an online Bonus Pig corn maze that is chock full of generous prizes along the way! Want to know how to join King Cash’s A-Maze-Ing Race? Let’s go over the rules.

What Is The Promotion?

Starting from now through Tuesday, November 26th you will be able to play King Cash’s A-Maze-Ing Race to win big Bonus Money prizes! You’ll need to collect steps to progress through the corn maze. There are 6 stops throughout the maze. You will receive wheel spins based on real money wagers on casino games during a given day. Wheel Spins will award step amounts that help King Cash progress through the maze or Bonus Money prizes. Proceed through each part of the maze to win a bonus prize and progress through the maze. The fastest player to win the race will be awarded a grand prize!

How Do I Participate?

Players must wager real money on casino games on and earn iRush Rewards Loyalty Points based on normal iRush Rewards Earning Rates stated here.

You will receive wheel spins based on total iRush Rewards Loyalty Points earned in each calendar day.

Your wheel spins will reveal step amounts or Bonus Money Prizes. Look out for golden wheel spins! Golden wheel spins will also reveal step amounts or Bonus Money Prizes.

Participants earn rewards for progressing through each part of the maze. Each part of the maze must be completed in consecutive order from Part 1 through Part 6. Progressing through each part of the maze will issue a Bonus Money Prize.

Ready to start the race? Then get started by wagering real money on ANY of your favorite casino games to earn iRush Rewards Loyalty Points. Receive up to 5 Wheel Spins and 5 Gold Wheel Spins each day: 


Each Wheel Spin will award you steps to help you progress your way through our 5 part corn maze OR instant Bonus Money prizes:

Complete the corn maze faster than anyone else to be a GRAND PRIZE winner:

Good luck and have fun in the first King Cash’s A-Maze-Ing Race only on


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