A Little History of Video Poker Games

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If you ask anyone to tell you what they think Video Poker Games are in a casino, they will definitely tell you one of two things: either poker or slot machines. It is therefore understandable why Video Poker is so popular. Indeed, this game is a subtle mixture of poker and slot machine. A true paradise for casino amateur players.

History of Video Poker

Video Poker first hit casinos in the early 1970s. It was first discovered in Las Vegas and players began to appreciate it. Once it passed the “Las Vegas test”, Video Poker developed rapidly everywhere. About 10 years later, in 1979, Video Poker experienced a real boom. This is certainly due to the arrival of Draw Poker offered by the company International Game Technology.

By bringing together only man and machine, Video Poker is quite well suited to online gaming. This is why, a few years later, it is one of the first games to be found in online casinos as they invaded the internet.

Since then, its success has never wavered.

Some gambling enthusiasts play exclusively Video Poker games while others prefer to integrate them into their gaming sessions as relaxation between two games of Poker. Very few Internet users frequenting online casinos have NEVER played it.

Video Poker in 5 Easy Steps

The scope of the game is to have the best possible poker hand.

1 – You must first bet.

2 – Then comes the time of the first click, which is necessary to obtain the 5 basic cards.

3 – Then, several clicks on the cards that you wish to keep allow a selection to be made.

4 – Then, you have to restart the machine to get the final hand.

5 – In the event of a winning hand, you must then choose “quit or double”.

Video Poker Types

Video Poker online games have many versions that you will find wherever you play, whether in a real or online casino. You should know that almost all Video Poker types are based on Jacks or Better, the most played type of video poker if we refer to the statistics.

Jacks or Better

As we said, this form of play is the most widespread on the globe. Almost all video poker players start with this variant, which is easy to use.

All online casinos have one or more versions of this game. Here the scope of the game is, as always, to make a combination of cards. Except that in this version, if you want to start winning something, you will need to get at least a pair of Jacks.

The RTP percentage, according to some casinos, is close to 100%. It is therefore a machine on which you can completely navigate without being afraid of having huge losses, on the contrary.


Tens or Better

Of course, this version of video poker is identical to the previous one except that the minimum hand to hope for a gain is a pair of 10.


Deuces Wild

Here, the 2’s will be to your advantage since they can replace any card, i.e. the one that suits you to build your combinations. It acts like a joker. On the other hand, for the first hand that enters the paytable, the game is a little more demanding because you must have three of a kind as a minimum. The Loose Deuces version is played by the same rules, but the payout table is different. Ditto for the Bonus Deuces Wild.


Joker Poker

In this version, a card is added to the game since you have the “Joker” card, which is usually not included, but which will be present. As in the previous variant, the joker replaces the card you want as long as you manage to have at least a pair of kings to win something.


All American

The mode of play is the same as Jacks or Better except that here there will be modifications at the time of the remunerations compared to the combinations you will create. Some will pay more, and others will pay less. It’s the only difference. The Aces and Faces version is the same: no change of rules, but there is a difference in the gains.


Bonus Poker

It is a version of Jacks or Better where if you get a square, you will be paid more than in the other versions. Ditto for the Bonus Poker Deluxe.


Double Joker

Very similar to the Joker Poker version, this version differs in the fact that there are two additional cards against one in Joker Poker. These two cards are wild cards and can take the place of any card of your choice.


There are other variations of video poker games online, but they are still quite close to what we have just presented to you. There will be only the profits that will differ by comparison with the combinations you create.

Play now and become an expert in Video Poker Games!


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