Luck Versus Skill in Online Sports Betting

Is it possible to understand how luck affects online sports betting in the short term? And can it be argued that a series of winning bets is a sign of skill or not?

Many describe themselves as being unlucky and that fortune only smiles on others. And yet, the wheel turns more often than one likes to believe, especially in the world of gambling.

Luck, a tricky parameter

What is luck? Everyone hopes one day to be the target of luck, but no one can know if it will happen or when. We often associate the word “luck” with “success” and that is probably why gambling is so successful. It can happen to anyone!

Everyone begins to dream of a day when luck will finally fall on them. And many gambling institutions maintain this feeling of expectation. You can no longer count the number of people who won large sums of money when they were playing for the very first time and they had not even dared to think of winning the jackpot: yes, some players are lucky. In the same way, we no longer count the even larger number of people putting astronomical sums in games without ever winning only small sums. Luck is, therefore, a parameter that we do not control, yet many bettors only count on it.

Gambling, a matter of luck?

Playing the lottery, for example, is not about increased knowledge of numbers or math. It is not even enough to be “used to” winning the jackpot. Sometimes it even happens that some people pocket it having played for the very first time. So, are they lucky? Perhaps. However, persistence can also prove to be the source of a good number of fortunes or significant gains. A person may have played the same numbers for years and never come across the right combination.

When questioning a woman who had won € 150,000 in the lottery, she explained that for her, everything was a question of persistence and instinct. “The secret is to feel that we will win the jackpot one day or another. There is no point in getting started if you start losing out ahead”.

And yet…

Most people who have played for the first time and won a significant amount of money will tend to tell you that they “just wanted to try”.

But how can we not believe in the lucky stars of certain players when we learn that people have won the lottery twice? And what about the one who tried to play all the possible games, scratching, lottery, casinos and never succeeded winning small sums or worse, nothing at all? It seems that luck smiles more and more often to some.

Slot machines are also among the games that most appeal to luck. It is impossible to predict in advance that the machine will win the jackpot. However, it is also believed there, that the factor capable of changing the situation somewhat is persistence. An individual can have an advantage if he remains glued to his stool. Besides, the regulars have understood this and remain stuck in front of their favorite slot machines hoping one day to win the jackpot. However, as in lotteries, this advantage is minimal and will very rarely lead you to the jackpot.

Other games, for example, are not just about luck and there are certain methods you can use to win. In these cases, luck is mixed with strategy and talent. This is particularly the case for poker and sports betting. To “put the odds on one’s side”, as they say, it is necessary to demonstrate good knowledge in the field concerned. It is essential to know about horses to bet on races and have a maximum chance of winning.

Besides, poker is more often considered as a game of skill than a game of chance. If beginners often use luck, experienced players know that it is not enough and that nothing beats a well-established strategy. Even if the value of the hands that we will receive depends on chance, what we do with them once we have them in hand only depends on us and on our way of playing according to the odds, probabilities, experience…

Everyone is free to believe in luck or not, but there are games where you will have no choice but to rely on it there and others where you are given the opportunity to cause it. A tiny bit. Only one thing is certain, to win you have to play! The rest is up to you…

Some games require more skills than luck


It is necessary to make the difference between the games that only call for luck, such as free lotteries, and those where luck is mixed with strategy, such as poker or online sports betting. In these games, it is often skills and not luck that is the key to success! Although the lottery is only a matter of chance, to get into sports betting and have a better chance of winning, you must have good knowledge in the field concerned and sports betting skills. A young football addict will be more likely to win a bet on a football match than a housewife with a passion for poker. And luck has nothing to do with it. It’s just that a bet remains a bet and nobody is safe from bad (or good) luck.

Get informed to minimize the luck factor in online sports betting

Luck is certainly an element in winning at sports betting, but there are ways to bet on sports that maximize the chances of winning money. However, keep in mind that there is no foolproof method.

To bet online and win money, it is better to bet on popular sports such as football, tennis or rugby or on important games. But, one can bet on practically all sports. Also, remember to bet on matches between teams of similar level and whose betting odds are not too high. Football is at the top of the predictions and we can sometimes win big. But when you look at it, do you just have to be lucky to win?

Regarding the bet itself, think about it, educate yourself and review the information available on the game before you bet. Analyze the matches and don’t just bet with the heart. It’s best to avoid betting only on your favorite team if you want to win money.

Is sports betting luck or skill?

They say that winning at sports betting is not a matter of luck, but of skill. Yet, nothing is ever played in advance and we are not safe from a reversal of the situation. Do not exclude improbable situations. For example, a player who gets injured during a tennis match, a soccer team reduced to 10 or 9 players and who loses a match after having led for a long time, penalties not whistled in favor of the team in which you had placed your hopes. …

To maximize your chances, watch the odds: if the odds are too low, it’s no use wagering. Also control the stakes by betting no more than you can lose.

Online betting, like any money game, requires patience before you win big. One of the qualities of the bettor will be to accept to have bet on a losing bet. Furthermore, you risk losing more than you win. Finally, know how to aim for the long term and not just for immediate gain. It’s little by little that the bird makes its nest.

Remember that luck at gambling is not the central element (except for roulette or scratch cards, for example!). To earn money, you must first know the sport you are betting on, analyze the matches and find interesting odds. Also watch out for “foolproof techniques”, which promise staggering gains, and which often only have an advantage for the online betting site.

So, whether you believe in luck or not, one idea is valid for sure: whoever dares nothing gains nothing. So how do you get lucky at games? The more you learn our tips and advice for betting online, the better off you will be to win!


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