New and Improved Loyalty Program

King Cash has given the Loyalty program a facelift because you deserve more! Remember when you progress through our 10 loyalty tiers, we have tailored each additional wheel spin you reach with increased potential returns just for you. On top of this existing feature, the new and improved loyalty system sees that for any player that reaches loyalty tier 1 by the end of the month, they will receive incremental scratch cards to scratch for extra bonus money opportunities throughout the following month. The higher the tier status you reach in a given month, the higher the potential payouts you will receive from the scratch cards awarded the following month.

As an added bonus when you reach tier 10 in a given month, you will receive scratch cards in that same month. That’s not all, players that reach Tier 7 will receive a special VIP Mystery Calendar with more rewards and promotions because you deserve more. The VIP Mystery Calendar will also include fantastic discounts at The Brick and Mortar SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia like free slot play, dining and complimentary access to the VIP lounge.

Our other unique feature is our progress bar makes it very easy for you to follow in real time which tier you are at in our Loyalty Program, and equally as important, how many points you are away from reaching the next tier and earning guaranteed Bonus Money prizes from your next Wheel Spin. The progress bar represents your progress through your existing tier, and once you reach the end, you will receive a Wheel Spin guaranteeing Bonus Money prizes, and your loyalty tier number will advance to the next number. The progress bar will reset, but your tier number will continue to increase as you progress playing with us! Don’t forget, our Loyalty Program resets on the first of each month, so climb your way to the top to reap all the benefits and ensure you receive random scratch cards for all tier finishers and our special Promotions Calendar exclusively for our VIPs the following month.

Wheel Tier Points to Reach

1) 40
2) 160
3) 400
4) 760
5) 1,400
6) 2,800
7) 5,200
8) 8,800
9) 13,600
10) 20,000 has More Games. More Rewards and More Fun than any other NJ online casino because our loyal followers deserve more! If you haven’t joined already, sign up now to take advantage of all the great new offerings 🙂


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