New Jersey Million Dollar Streak Is Here!

The NFL is back and so is our exclusive NJ Million Dollar Streak! You watch your favorite team’s every game, you wear your favorite player’s jersey, and now you can bet on your team every single week for a chance at winning $1,000,000 and other prizes. Want to know more? Keep reading to learn more about what you need to do to increase your chances of bringing in that sweet, sweet 💰


New Jersey SugarHouse Online Sportsbook Players will be able to place qualifying, real money football pre-match spread bets of $25 or more for games within the specified dates of Thursday, September 5th to Thursday, December 12th on all NFL Thursday games inclusive. Bettors will need to attempt to build a streak of at least 3 winning spread bets in a row to receive $25 in Bonus Money, and as the streak increases, you have the chance to win higher prizes. Prizes are awarded at the level in which the streak is broken. Progress on each week’s qualifying spread bets will be tracked on the ‘Million Dollar Streak Challenge’ page and updated weekly for the previous week’s game.


· Place qualifying real money bets of $25 or more on the pre-match spread for either team on an NFL Thursday football game(s)

· Qualifying real money bets must be on either team with the spread

· Qualifying bets must be placed through the ‘Million Dollar Streak Challenge’ menu for the NFL Thursday game(s) for that week only

· Players may place qualifying spread bets to participate in the ‘Million Dollar Streak’ promotion as soon as the line opens for the following week

· Win at least 3 Thursday games to earn the right to a prize when the streak is broken

· Players may build longer streaks to earn larger prizes

e.g. Upon achieving a streak of 3, you have now earned $25 in bonus money, but you will only receive the prize once the streak is broken or once the season ends. You may continue to try and build your streak for greater prizes, and if the streak is broken, you will receive the prize of the streak achieved

· There is no penalty for lack of participation and not choosing a side to bet on, this week will then become ‘null’

e.g. If you achieve a streak of three, and fail to participate the following week, your streak will still be at three even after the game is graded. You will not lose your streak for failure to participate

· Early buy-out/counter betting void that week’s qualifying challenge bets

e.g. Players cannot bet and receive winning credit for betting both sides of any day’s challenge category. If this occurs, the streak will be broken and reverted to 0


We have some exciting prizes waiting just for you! Everything from bonus money prizes to gift cards to the grand prize of million dollars (in cash!).

Your bet will need to be made from the special ‘Million Dollar Streak’ category ONLY on the side-menu. Bets made from the main game lines will NOT count towards your streak’s weekly progression.

You can check your personal stats and longest active streak each week and start collecting rewards as early as Week 3 – all the way up to a cool $1,000,000 in CASH if you run the table (every TNF game + 3 Thanksgiving Day games)… The season’s top overall streak wins an all-expenses-paid trip for two to the BIG GAME in Miami!

Please Note – The Million Dollar Streak markets will be available in the sportsbook side menu by Tuesday each week, so you’ll have from then through kickoff of each week’s TNF matchup to get your streak bet LOCKED! Keep in mind, only your FIRST real money bet of $25+ in the appropriate contest area will count as your weekly bet.
The NJ Million Dollar Streak ends on December 12, 2019. Happy football season and happy betting! 🏈


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