NFL Computer Picks – Simulated Predictions on Football Teams

Because of the fascination that a nation like the United States of America inevitably holds for the rest of the world, it is practically inevitable that it impacts people’s passions. It so happens that even the American sports disciplines that are little or not at all practiced in the rest of the world became successful and very popular. It is the case of American football.

And in this regard, the National Football League – this global scale competition, deserves a special mention.

The championship in question, in fact, turns out to be very interesting and balanced, therefore, it stimulates people to look for NFL picks. So, the encounters are always spectacular and contain what is a bit the essence of the sport in an absolute sense: physical clashes and loyalty among the contenders.

It is possible to make both live and pre-match bets on the matches of this fantastic competition, in which all the best 32 teams coming from every corner of the United States take part. Obviously, there are many other betting options that appear on a bookmaker’s website.

NFL Computer Picks

NFL computer picks are computer generated predictions that you can use to decide what NFL game you want to bet on. Football is a sport where everyone can beat everyone. That’s the beauty of this sport. The question of predicting a result deserves to be asked: can we generate NFL picks in a scientific way? In particular, can the emerging predictive methods be applied?

Machine Learning

The idea of ​​artificial intelligence is about transmitting intelligence to computers.  Machine learning is, therefore, a form of artificial intelligence that gives computers the ability to get, through the implementation of algorithms, a predictive analysis based on data collected for a specific purpose. Machine learning thus makes it possible to analyze a current situation thanks to the situations that have taken place in the past; for example, machine learning techniques are used to determine the probabilities of medical diagnosis, define the trend of stock exchange actions, etc. Finance, insurance, medicine, marketing among others, are areas where these tools are used. The common points among these domains are, on the one hand, data and, on the other hand, the will to analyze a problem. We can imagine that football and sports in general, very rich in data, can benefit from the contribution of computers.

The data

The computer picks are useful in the context of NFL betting if you bet on the favorite. They provide vital information on the probability of each outcome.  If the profitability calculated for each event is positive, then it means that it is statistically interesting. So just bet on the odds with positive profitability.

Some computers generate NFL expert picks to help the bettors cover the spread for the selected game. Indeed, computer generated NFL picks are free, but how reliable are they if you want to wager against the spread?  Before placing your money on the NFL wagerline, you should review such picks, especially when it comes to the NFL picks against the spread. The collection of NFL data is tedious. Indeed, you must follow each team, each player, each match, collect not only the scores but also more qualitative elements like the shape of the players or the coach or even weather reports. This data is very expensive to collect, this is why it is better to analyze the odds of the different bookmakers.  We can assume that these odds reflect fairly well the trend of the moment. Unfortunately, the odds predict only 50% of the results, which is not enough to maximize your profit. The idea is to have good NFL score predictions beyond 60%. We strongly encourage you to look for and analyze different NFL picks and different markets like Moneyline, Spreads, Over / Under points.  Finding the right strategy and reliable NFL picks takes time, too, do not be afraid to experiment, to try different types of bets.

Do not follow the trend

The majority of players’ bets come from inexperienced bettors, who analyze very little and rely on their favorite team. In fact, most of them do not even understand the concept of odds.

They are just trying to guess who will win. Of course, most of the time, they win, but small amounts and are thus losers in the long run. Try to avoid this at all costs and follow the low odds if you really believe that your choice is profitable in the long run.


NFL computer picks can, therefore, be used to target matches to bet on. The use of computer picks by more and more football lovers is the first step to prove that computers can be beneficial in the world of sport.  Computer picks rely on facts and statistics. All you need is to find the right combination of mathematics, data, and betting factors you believe are vital for your successful bets.


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