Online Sports Betting Tips for 2020

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Sports betting involves an element of chance, so the scope of the bettor is to deal with the unexpected as much as possible and ensure regular winnings. For this, there are several tips and techniques that allow you to win at sports betting. In this article you will find a lot of useful tips that you can immediately use for your bets. Read it carefully and become a better bettor in 2020!


To start winning in sports betting, you must avoid beginner’s mistakes

Before you get started in the online betting community, there are a few tips to integrate and understand. These tips allow you to get the most out of your first bets. For example, it is important to choose a sport that interests you and you feel comfortable with. Are you passionate about football? So do not hesitate and get started: it would be a shame not to take advantage of your skills. You also need to know which match to bet on, but also how to find the important information to place a bet.

The first technique to win at sports betting is to use your sports knowledge

Try to bet on the sports that you master and where you have access to information. Football is a very good example, you can find out who is absent from the field, the performance of teams and players. These details allow you to make predictions and bring you a real asset to start making money.

Your knowledge of sports will therefore be crucial, but we advise you to start with simple bets and go through a few days of trial with small sums. You will then be able to discover the different online betting systems. More complex bets will come naturally afterwards.

Learn to spot the events that will win you money in sports betting

Betting on the right event seems simple, but it is not. The most popular sports for betting are football, tennis, and boxing. But it must be admitted that it is difficult to predict the exact score of a football match, a tennis game, or even a boxing duel. So, you must be able to choose the event that seems the most obvious, the most transparent, the one that speaks for itself.

In this sense, if you bet on ice hockey when you know nothing about the sport, you will understand that it is not worth spending your money! If you are a baseball fan and feel that a Super Bowl bet can give you some winnings, take the plunge!


To win money thanks to sports betting, you must learn as much as possible about the competitors

The world of sport and the one of sports betting are different. The best sports advisor will not therefore make an excellent bettor. On the other hand, the sports bettor who is interested in sports news may have chances to make a good compromise.

Our advice: pay attention to the transfers of players, their fitness, and to the current context of a team or a player. For that, there is nothing better than to inform yourself from the online sports betting press for example. Obviously, do not be fooled by the intoxication some websites practice sometimes: seek reliable sources!

If you have good predictions, you will be able to win at sports betting

To analyze an event, you must pay attention to what is said in the media to better weigh the opponents involved. You will be able to complete your analyses with statistics relating to the event. Here is a list of criteria on which you can rely to make predictions that will prove to be successful after a match:

For online betting on all sports, check all the following data

There are analysis criteria that apply to all sports.

  • H2H (or “head-to-head”) between the two parties, namely the results of their previous encounters.
  • The physical fitness of the teams: to determine it, it will be enough to study the last 5 games of each team.
  • The ranking of each team.
  • The motivation of the teams regarding their encounter. For example, a team that has already qualified for the second round will not necessarily be motivated to win its last group match in the first round.
  • The stake relating to the event.
  • The team calendar, because a team can invest less in a championship match if it has a cup final to play a few days later.
  • The event location: the difference is noticeable for certain teams depending on whether they are playing at home or away, so there is an advantage to take this into account when placing your bets.

When betting on team sports, take these elements into account

There are certain special features for team sports such as football or rugby that you should consider.

  • Injured players
  • Suspended players
  • Weather conditions: the rain risks putting an attack team at a disadvantage since it takes more risks.

You will win when betting on individual sports by analyzing these criteria

The mindset: this is a primary aspect that very often turns out to be decisive.

The surface: for example, Spanish tennis players are invincible on clay. On the other hand, they fear playing on grass where the British are more experienced.

Physical fitness: a tennis game can last even a whole day, so it is important to know what the players’ fitness is.

The opponent’s style of play: depending on whether the player chooses an attack or defense position, the style of play is of paramount importance.

What sports betting strategy is more convenient for in play betting?

Live betting, also known as in play betting, will allow you to improve your strategy to win and limit your risks. The in-play betting method allows you to take advantage of the changing odds, which are directly linked to the development of the sporting event. This means that you can make big profits if you pinpoint the right bet!


The best method to win at sports betting is to manage your bankroll perfectly

When you are used to betting online, paying attention to your finances and your budget obviously counts, it is even a crucial aspect to win constantly. The concept of bankroll management takes on its full meaning since it is the most profitable method in the long term. Be intractable and rigorous and you will see that your benefits will be more numerous than usual.

Now that you know how to win, strive for long-term sports betting

It is not easy to be an ideal player, but it is not impossible either. Timing and being rational are two major factors for having the chance to win at online sports betting. Do not get carried away and know how to bet at the right time. You should also know how to combine fun and betting, and how to win in the long run. Here is a checklist you can use:

  • Analyze the two opponents, judging their strong and weak points.
  • Do not bet your money according to your feelings.
  • Analyze and evaluate odds before betting your money. Do not bet if you consider the odds are too high or too low.
  • Choose your sportsbook carefully.
  • Do not bet unreasonably in disadvantageous situations.
  • Be patient and do not try to recover your money immediately if you lose.
  • Do not bet all your money on a game. Choose a threshold that you should not exceed for each bet.
  • Show discipline. Set out rules that you obey to the letter.
  • Try to curb your losses. For this, set a bankroll limit, which should not be exceeded.
  • Avoid accumulators. Place maximum three bets a day, but never more.
  • Focus on long term wins because a big victory doesn’t matter. Instead, make efforts to accumulate a small profit.

Now that you know our tips, it’s time try your hand at online sports betting! Good Luck!


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