Pennsylvania Woman Hits Largest Divine Fortune Jackpot In The U.S. With Only $1 Bet!

Have you heard the news?! Once again a SugarHouse Online player hit the Divine Fortune jackpot! And not just any jackpot, THE largest Divine Fortune jackpot ever in the country! Player Cathy won $376,893 after playing for less than 20 minutes last night when she hit at 7:41 pm on a $1 bet (yes, you read that right!) on  The 62-year-old Canton, Pennsylvania resident described the win as absolutely astonishing and life-changing, after spending nearly all of her life-savings in the hopes of medically treating her young grandson, who tragically passed away from cancer two years ago.

“We spent every dime we had and would’ve spent more if we had it,” said Cathy about the different treatment options they tried to save her 8-year-old grandson.  She said playing online is a nice distraction and stress release, and she doesn’t like to bet large amounts. Well her strategy paid off! It only took a $1 bet to win the biggest jackpot Divine Fortune has ever paid out.  “I was blown away. I started screaming and ran and got my husband and just kept pointing at the computer screen saying, ‘Look! Look! I won! That’s real money!” This is a winner story unlike any other we have had a SugarHouse Online Casino.

Cathy says the money is a God-send and will go towards paying bills and doing home improvements that were put off while they helped care for their sick grandson.  In memory of her late grandson, she will also donate a portion of the winnings to a cancer charity. “You play these games and you think no one really ever wins,” she said, “but they do.  I just can’t believe it was me. I think my grandson was on my shoulder while I was playing.” 

We hear that statement a lot, but COO Mattias Stetz reminds players that “We’ve said it before, but this really shows that anyone can win with any bet size. The fact that the largest jackpot in Divine Fortune history was won on only a $1 bet, is just incredible.  Having jackpots hit in Pennsylvania and New Jersey just a day apart has really increased interest, with our players hoping to be the next lucky winner.”

The Divine Fortune Jackpot on PA’s has now hit six times in just the past two months, with the first five happening within just two weeks.  On Monday, a New Jersey cancer survivor hit the Divine Fortune Jackpot for the third time in less than six months on NJ’s, winning $139,852.

We are ecstatic to see such winnings for both our Pennsylvania and New Jersey players! Do you want to try your luck? Login now to start wagering on our large selection online casino games and see if you’ll be our NEXT WINNER!



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