Play in an Online Casino and Stay Safe from Coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic caused the closure of American land based casinos, while their regulars are cloistered in their homes. Casino operators, therefore, want to urgently develop online platforms and offer online casino games to their captive clientele.

The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing most industries to reinvent themselves. In the United States, the gambling industry needs to go online. Land casino operators face two headwinds: gambling houses in Las Vegas and elsewhere are closed, while potential customers are confined to their homes. And all players started to switch from playing in land-based casinos to playing online. Add the fact that right now all sporting events are cancelled, and this means many opportunities lost for bettors.

Indeed, the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 is today a proven fact where the numerous postponements and cancellations of competitions push the players to turn to playing online.

After many personalities have been tested positive for Coronavirus including Utah Jazz players Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, the NBA and NCAA Basketball were the last leagues to be the victims of frantic cancellations of competitions due to the infamous virus.

In the current crisis, nothing escapes the pandemic, not even the odds of online sports betting sites.


What Does This Mean for Sport Betting Fans?

It is very simple. For all those who play at sportsbooks licensed by the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), they have the guarantee that all the “Terms and Conditions” on futures bets on matches and competitions, whatever the sport, will be complied with under the Force Majeure clause. More details on this can be found by reading the Terms and Conditions.


What Happens with the Sport Calendars During This Coronavirus Outbreak?


Like the rest of sports competitions around the world, the NBA depends for its return on the spread of the COVID-19 in North America. Nevertheless, the option hoped for is to replay in July, according to several media channels. Three months: this would also allow the teams to meet beforehand and gradually prepare for a return to competition.

Olympics and Euro 2020

The Tokyo Olympics and Euro 2020 that were supposed to take place this summer are threatened as well by the pandemic and have been postponed. We can still hope that soon, the Coronavirus will be a bad memory. If not, there will be other problems than online sports betting.

Premier League, Champions League and Roland Garros

In Europe and Asia, the biggest sporting events like the Premier League, the Champions League or even Rolland Garros have all been postponed to a later date. This leaves sports fans and players without short term betting solutions. And like most populations around the world, you are surely currently at home in confinement while awaiting a resolution of this crisis which remains unprecedented in the history of the sports betting industry.  Still, there are solutions:


How to Integrate the Coronavirus in Your Bets


It’s probably a bit cynical, but in the world of online sports betting, you know you must put feelings aside when you place your bets.

You shouldn’t bet too early. More clearly, you should not bet until you are sure that a match will be played on the home team’s field and with their public. Here at PlaySugarHouse we will notify you as soon as a game is going to be played.

Let’s not forget that athletes are human beings who travel a lot, and, even in their ivory tower, they can also catch this virus. We do not want it, but a bet too early can crash the whole strategy that you have put in place. Let’s say that you must put yourself in a “crisis” mode.

Betting Rules in Coronavirus Crisis Mode

  • Carefully read the regulations on cancellations and postponements (you can contact our amazing customer support if you need more information)
  • Bet as late as possible to get all the info
  • Take into account the conditions: closed doors, postponed or relocated matches
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What Else Can You Do? Enjoy Our Online Casino!


This is an ideal opportunity for you to try one of the many amazing online casino games at PlaySugarHouse. So, we have prepared a list of the best online gaming opportunities for you during your quarantine.

Online Poker: A Great Hobby

Online poker has been growing in the online gaming market for several years now. The advent of the Internet in the 2000s and the starification of poker players like Daniel Negreanu made this card game popular like never before.


This online casino game, which mixes strategy, ingenuity, and thinking is also a way to have fun, to train your brain, while earning money. You have the opportunity to play several games over a day for a level of play fairly accessible for any card game lover. Although poker is an easy game to learn, you should still have a minimum of practice and knowledge to give you the best chance of winning at this game.

If you are tempted by video poker, we have some of the most popular online casino video poker games for earning your first dollars online. Find more amazing online casino games here!


Virtual Sportsbetting, a Booming Market

Amid a pandemic, Virtual Sports could finally have its moment of glory in the face of the shortage of sports betting offers.

More widespread in Europe, virtual sports or computer-simulated games are open to sports betting and can quench your thirst for betting online. Although it is a sector still in search of its audience, the key to this market is the confidence of players in video game characters to provide the essence of a fair bet. And, during this pandemic, it might just become one of your favourite online casino games.

If, however, you are still looking for sports betting opportunities, then you should be interested in the so-called “exotic” championships. Despite the cancellation of many sporting events, other championships are still in progress in countries currently less affected by the epidemic. This is the case of Russia, Belarus, Brazil, Turkey and certain African countries where certain soccer competitions still take place.

If Virtual Sportsbetting is your cup of tea, register at Sugar House to have the best gaming opportunities on the market. On our website, virtual sports are classified into Virtual Cars, Virtual Horses, Virtual Greyhounds, Virtual Soccer, and Virtual Motorcycles.


Our Online Casino Is Ready to Meet Your Demands

With the coronavirus pandemic stopping almost all major sporting events around the world, our daily entertainment and social interaction activities are likely to focus on the internet and our mobile.

The online casino industry has grown significantly in recent years, and a report on the online gaming market recently estimated that the market would be valued at nearly $ 87.75 billion by 2024.

With increasingly attractive offers and ever more extensive gaming experiences, it is easy to conclude that there will be an increase in mobile activities in the weeks and months to come in the field of online casinos.

At Sugar House Casino, you are sure to find a perfect online casino for you. In addition to the welcome bonus, enjoy secure online casino games compatible with your smartphone and/or tablet.


On a Positive Note: Anti Coronavirus Online Casino Games

Unlike land-based casinos that are closing because of the COVID-19 epidemic that is raging all over the world, paid and free online casino games can be played safely, comfortably at home!

spin lab casino slot game

There are a lot of online casino games that you can play on Sugarhouse. One of the big advantages of online video slots is that you can play them without fear of Coronavirus contamination! By playing these games in the comfort of your home, you are safe from other people who can potentially be sick and pass the virus to you! So, relax and enjoy the best casino games at home!


And, to further fight viruses, you should know that a nice online slot game is The Spin Lab. Find the remedy for Coronavirus in The Spin Lab, build an even more powerful pathogen in the game Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild or indulge in Dr. Volt’s incredible biological experiments on Volts and Bolts, the slot machine made by WMS!


This is an amazingly fun game, that you can play for real money, and a perfect way to enjoy yourself and increase your bank account while you’re at home.


Final Conclusions

The Coronavirus outbreak has taken a toll, in one way or another, on all of us. and since we are all forced to stay indoors and practice social distancing, why not take advantage of this and turn it to our favour?

You can stay indoors and keep you and your family safe, and have fun! With our online casino games, and with our amazing prizes, we make it easy for you to do just that. Play and win, at the same time!

Whether you are a lover of gambling confined to your home or a true enthusiast of online casinos, discover the many games available: slot machines, table games like BlackJack, Roulette, Video Poker, and much, much more.

Stay home, stay safe!


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