How to Play Slingo – A Brief Presentation of This New Casino Game

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What is Slingo? Two popular games combined into one.

If you wonder what Slingo is, think about a mix between slots and bingo. Slingo is a widespread, addictive game that combines the pleasure of slot machines, the quick-paced fun of bingo, and the challenge of wild-card strategy.

Slingo online is a mix between 75 ball bingo and a slot machine, combining the pleasure of spinning the slot reels with that of marking off numbers.  All it takes is a 5 x 5 grid that looks like a 75 ball bingo card.  The reels are below the grid but don’t think they look much like a common slot machine because you can see only one space on each reel.

You need to complete the grid by matching numbers from the reels with numbers from the grid. Only the first 16 spins are free of charge. The maximum number of spins allowed in each game is usually 20.  The other 4 spins have to be paid for in free spins or already scored points.

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In the classic Slingo game, it is mainly numbers that show up on the reels, but you can also get 4 other symbols.  The Joker replaces any number in the above column.  The Super Joker replaces any number on the grid.  The Gold Coin gets you points.  The Free Spin gets you a token that you can use to pay for one spin after you exhausted your 16 free spins.  In some Slingo games, if you run out of luck, your points will be cut in half by a devil. Now and then a Cherub will make the devil disappear into thin air to help you keep your points.

You are awarded points for completing the Slingos (i.e. the horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines) and patterns, and the aim is to earn as many points as possible.

There are many variants of free Slingo including larger grids and all sorts of exotic power-ups which add to the fun.

How to play Slingo slots – basic rules.

The basic Slingo slots gameplay includes spinning numbers and marking the numbers that appear on a bingo card. When a line of numbers is marked horizontally, vertically, or diagonally you have a Slingo! When you begin a game of Slingo, you are given a 5X5 bingo card. At the bottom, a line of numbers is created at random when you pull the machine arm. You need to match these numbers with your card numbers. The scope of the “game” is to cover each of the 25 squares within 20 spins. You are given points instead of money.  Each match earns you points. The more rows you complete the more points you get. Clearing the whole board gives you a further point reward.

When playing Slingo you can select your background. You can pick from the ocean, nature, laboratory, fantasy, caveman, art deco, and space. The adorable dragons in the fantasy background spit fire when you spin.

If you don’t want to play Slingo anymore and would like to play another game to challenge your brain and skills, there are some variations. Mixed Matrix Slingo is similar to Classic Slingo. The only exception is that the generated numbers appear anywhere on your board. With Super Squares Slingo you get squares that are randomly placed and give you extra points when matched. Last but not least, with Giant Slingo you get, you guessed, a giant to the items that each spin generates. Extra giants bring extra spins.

Slingo Strategy

You can use many strategies to play Slingo and these differ from one player to another. Yet, the most popular strategy for playing live Slingo is to use the multipliers. These factors are used to multiply the points you have accumulated. For instance, if you get 2X, 3X and 4X multipliers, you can save and use them to multiply your points by a factor of 9X which can give you a considerable advantage over the other players.

Slingo is a game that seems difficult at the beginning, but it isn’t. If you love slot machines and bingo you will certainly find this game exciting. The most important characteristic of Slingo is that it can be played by people of all pocket sizes. Players that follow a strategy, have the chance to win prizes. Slingo can be called one of the affordable online casino games. It offers so much fun at such a modest price that it is a must try.


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