Why Are Slots the Best in Any Online Casino? Reasons to Play Slots

Reasons to Play Slots

Slot machines are one of the best games in any online casino around the world and there are many reasons people like to play slots and become fans of them.

Thanks to the ease of their rules – players insert chips into the machine to start the game and activate a stick or press a button to know if they have won or not – these devices have phenomenal success. A game usually lasts a very short time, but it’s enough to fill your pockets. Discover our little story of the slot machine, which is also called “one-armed bandit” and which has not stopped evolving.

The slot machine, the star of casinos

So how did this very simple device become the star of casinos (and online casinos) in a few decades? First, for its easy and intuitive side. Thanks to the automatic mode, it is even possible to increase the chances of winning, faster. Then, for its fun side: with several thousand references, slot machines are an inexhaustible source of entertainment.

Finally, many slot machines are also accessible from a financial point of view: there is no need to buy a ticket to join a table or to bet 20 dollars minimum. Beginning players, therefore appreciate being able to start with this type of game before exploring the rest of the casino.

Do you know why there are so many slot games in online and offline casinos? Slots have a low Return to Player percentage, and this is where casinos make a profit from – or, otherwise said, from the slots house edge, which is between 2 and 15%.

Diversity equals popularity

It is precisely this diversity that makes all the interest in slot machines: the themes. History, mythology, celebrities, TV series, cartoons: there is no shortage of machine themes. The features, as well as the graphics, are often more elaborate: for Book of Ra, the Book of Ra is precisely the main icon of the machine and constitutes a wild symbol. This symbol takes the place of any other and can, by a magic trick, multiply your winnings.

Thematic slot machines are very popular for this randomness. In general, it is quite difficult to bet on a strategy to win at slot machines: apart from being able to know the winning combinations well and to alternate the number of pay lines, this is very lucky. And being able to try everything in an exciting universe is a criterion that has increased their popularity.

Sports or cinema themes (especially with Marvel) are very popular slot machines, imagined by Microgaming, Netent or Betsoft. The same goes for the themes of magic, travel, or ancient Egypt.

In total, there are more than 15,000 references of slot machines, themed or not.

The best slot machines

If you’re still wondering why slot machines are popular with players, here’s a focus on some slot machines and their features.

Mahjong 88: developed by Play N’Go, this dynamic slot machine seduces for its similarity to the eponymous game, Mahjong. With its 8 × 8 grid, it is possible to multiply up to 5000 your starting bet: enough to motivate more than one player!

Fruit Mania: it is probably the most widespread and traditional of the slot machines. It includes 5 pay lines and its symbols consist of fruits to align. Jackpot guaranteed!

Divine Fortune: this slot machine takes you on a journey to the heart of Greek mythology with three types of progressive jackpots (Minor, Major or Mega) and up to 12 free spins offered.

Book of Ra: immerse yourself in the universe of ancient Egypt to conquer lost treasures, thanks to a fun interface and simple graphics. It’s one of the favorite slot machines for players.

Caishen’s Cash: this is one of the PragmaticPlay machines generating the most bets since it offers a total of 243 combinations of possible winning games … Per spin!

And many others. While there is no doubt why slot machines are so popular, their number increases by the day and now they are also available in a mobile version and with graphics that push the limits of the gaming experience even further.

From automatic roulette to mechanical rollers

The classic slot machine was born out of a poker mechanism that could create a five-card hand when a person pulled their lever. Invented by Sittman and Pitt in the United States in 1891, the new poker machine has proven to be ineffective.

Nevertheless, Charles Fey, a great fan of mechanics, thought of improving this game to create an automatic roulette in 1894. Thanks to the success of this product, the American could set to work to imagine other game machines like the slot machine. The goal of the mechanism is then very simple, the player had to match five symbols with three rollers. With legendary casino figures like diamonds, hearts, aces of spades, horseshoes and the bell of freedom, these early machines offered a thousand possible combinations and had an automatic payment system.

Because of real success, competitions were organized but had to face the prohibition of gambling in the United States. To deal with it, the mechanism is not abandoned and gives way to candy machines. On the same game model and with more appropriate symbols (fruit), players could win drinks and prizes if they got the right combination.

These mechanical devices were longer in fashion in the United States before giving way to Bally’s machines.

Electronic slot machines

In 1963, the Bally company launched the first electromechanical slot machines to the general public at a time when mass production was essential. Following the same functionalities, these “one-armed bandits” are the first representatives of the modern slot machine.

Thanks to this production and the expansion of the machines worldwide, companies were able to vary the game themes and the means of winning, for example by offering versions with more lines, more combinations and methods of payment. Electronic slot machines have notably allowed the inclusion of the payout rate which varies according to the casinos and devices.

Online slot machines

Today, computers have replaced electronics and offer even more comfortable services to players. You can, for example, insert a ticket, pay with game cards or even use a touch screen to play.

And best of all, since the advent of the internet, slot machines have become available on the web and are the real stars of online casinos. So, take advantage of the websites to play a slot machine when you want and where you want. There are even a lot of mobile apps that will allow you to get all the possible combinations to make money.

Legalized since the 1990s, slot machines represent more than 80% of the profits of US casinos but are also responsible for about 80% of gambling addiction.

How does a slot machine work? What are the rules and associated tips?

If you are in this section, it is that you want to learn more about the overall operation of these slot machines available online. Their operation is relatively simple and does not require special skills in strategy or knowledge of the games as a whole. Find out about it now, as well as our rules and tips for playing online.

How online slots work

As previously described, slot machines do not require any knowledge of casino strategy or mastery of card games. These are based on a very simple operation that can be described like this:

1) The first action to perform in this context will be for you to activate the button of the corresponding slot machine. This activation button will directly launch the slot machine, allowing the game.

2) For most slot machines, the game will run the same way. The reels belonging to the slot machine will spin vertically revealing various symbols.

3) Once the rollers have completed the corresponding turns, many symbols will then appear on the screen of the machine. The goal will be to collect as many similar symbols to win the biggest sums.

As you can see, the operation of these games turns out to be relatively simple and does not require extraordinary skills. You are completely guided by the game and will not have to rely on other parameters.

Why play free online slots?

A completely free slot machine is good, but it doesn’t make any money! Many players make the same assumption by declaring that they do not want to play free online games. However, there are a few weighty arguments that should be made that can change the well-established opinion of these experienced players. We will give you some reasons to play slots in the hope to change your opinion:

  • An entertaining game: by playing these online slot machine games, you can have fun, without spending colossal sums. A significant advantage, in the context of free slots.
  • Real learning: this part is more aimed at novices and beginners. In free games in general, you can practice to become a real strategist afterward.
  • Play without limits: no time limits, no financial limits, nor legal limits, you can play as much as you want without ever meeting any associated limits.
  • A no download game: what could be better than free no download slots? Indeed, as part of the new free slot machines without downloading, you do not need prior installation, a huge time saver for practitioners.

To sum up, we can say that this type of casino game has been all the rage everywhere for a very long time. The online slot machine, whether classic, video or 3D, remains the star of the casino. It has the enormous advantage of being able to adapt to the evolution of the market, always presenting more animations and interesting functionalities. And since it requires no advanced knowledge, it is one of the popular games among beginners and those who like to feel the adrenaline. Of course, slot machines still have a very bright future ahead.


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