Sports Betting Wins – What are the biggest betting wins?

sports betting wins

We all dreamed at least once of winning the biggest bets, some fantastic bets. Then, most of us just keep dreaming, while someone lucky or skilled has done better and won at sports betting. When we hear that someone has guessed the winner of a game and won a big bet, we usually have two types of reactions: inspiration or envy. In either case, we feel the urge to bet immediately on a winning slip. Indeed, sports betting wins can motivate us to bet online, but we always recommend doing it moderately, lightly and without taking it too seriously.

It is good to remember that, very often, online betting wins are more a matter of luck and, above all, ability. Trying to imitate the biggest sports bettors in the absence of proper expertise and spending your savings in bulk is not the ideal way to aspire to a substantial victory.

However, it can happen to bet a few dollars and win a hundred. Nice, isn’t it? But we’re here to tell you many more exciting things. We have collected a few winning stories, on the big bets, funny and stories that can make you want to win your next bet.

Pozzuoli, a Huge Victory

Directly from Pozzuoli comes the story of a young 40-year-old, famous in the country for his lucky predictions and winning betting slips. We should clarify, for the less accustomed, that the betting slips represent bets on sporting events, on soccer, most frequently.

The man had been known to the villagers for his always well-chosen predictions on the matches. In fact, very often it happened that some villagers, knowing him, copied his slips.

This time, he was rewarded for his innate abilities or for his enormous fortune with a victory of 118 thousand euros. Betting 20 euros on about ten slips, of almost 10000 euros each, he reached this record figure in one day.

As we have already said, the man was well known in the village and many were trying to make their fortune by copying his slips.

This time, thanks to his intuition, even an unemployed person from the same place won almost 5000 euros.

The Winning Slot

It happened in Sweden, in 2012: a lady starts playing the Hall of Gods slot, within a few minutes she finds herself holding over 7 million euros, a huge sum. The winnings will remain in history because up until now it has been the highest victory in the history of online slots. See? Not only sports betting can be exciting. We have more casino stories.

A Victorious Insomnia

How many times it will have happened to this man that he could not fall asleep. And like so many other nights he was tormented by insomnia, but this time he decided to get up and go to a casino. He probably could not have imagined that he would not be able to sleep until the following morning and, above all, for what reason.

But back to our story, the Norwegian sits down in the casino and starts playing the Mega Fortune slot. After a few spins, he finds himself with almost 12 million euros in his pocket and a direct entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Probably for a night he was happy he hated insomnia.

Big, Unexpected, and Almost Lost Wins

Back to top sports bets wins, you probably remember Leicester City’s unexpected victory in the English championship. At that time Leicester City was a team that consisted mostly of non-professional players, who beat the champion players of Chelsea or Manchester City. A victory so unlikely that it came to be listed 5,000-1 in the sportsbook offices.

The race of Leicester to the title of the Premier League was a blow to the heart for many sportsbooks who had to shell out over 5.7 million euros to those who had bet on the underdogs, Foxes. Some of them had believed in Leicester earlier than others, almost at the start of the season, when the team’s chances of winning the title were 5,000 to 1.

One British sportsbook found itself having to pay € 57,000, € 38,000 and € 8,000 to three bettors who had bet on Foxes for those astronomical odds. Due to the figures provided, since then many sportsbooks and online casinos have vowed never to offer such high odds again.

Mali Stages an Exceptional Comeback from 0-4

In the opening match of the 2010 African Nations Cup, Angola won on Mali 4 to 0 in the 78th minute. It was then that a bettor decided to place a € 5.00 bet on the possibility (1,000/1) that Mali would score 4 goals in less than 15 minutes.

As you can imagine (since it is on our list) it was exactly what happened. Perhaps it is even more incredible to think that they were 4 to 1 in the 88th minute. But one goal in that same minute, one in the 93rd and another in the 94th allowed Mali to equalize the game and to win € 5,000 for the bettor who had bet only 5 euros.

In 2005, Liverpool Beat Milan

In 2005, another bettor made a similar bet, although this time the game was much more important. In the Champions League final of that year, Milan was dominating in the first half against Liverpool 3 to 0. A hundred people around the world decided to bet on Liverpool’s comeback with a probability of 188/1 (given the popularity of betting on football in Italy, those bettors were not Italian, unless they were Inter fans).

The most fortunate winner of all was the one who won € 68.304 after Liverpool managed in the unlikely and historic feat to score 3 goals in less than 10 minutes in the second half and then went on to win on penalties. Another fan, instead, in the first half had bet € 11.715 on Milan’s victory in 90 minutes, an amount lost only for the sake of being able to win € 115.00.

Greece Wins Euro 2004

When it comes to sports betting, you always have the conviction that you know more about the sportsbooks. In the summer of 2004, a man of Burmese origins residing in England felt something that the rest of the world did not know. Halfway through the tournament, the man bet € 4,000 on Greece’s victory, the odds were 50 to 1.

A few days later he bet another € 8,000 but, this time, the odds were 10 to 1. And in the afternoon of the final, he bet another 12,500 on Greece’s victory over Portugal. In the end, Greece managed to accomplish the miracle of winning 1 to 0 and the man won the unimaginable sum of € 383,000.

Multiple Bet on 19 British Teams

Multiple bets are a fun way to bet on the sport without spending too much money, even if, for genuine bettors, this is not a good game strategy. But don’t tell that to the Maltese who, in November 2011, managed to get all the 19 games on which he had bet only one euro.

It was not a simple undertaking and the most delicate game was the last to be played. Liverpool was playing against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and should have won to guarantee sports betting payout of 683,738 at 1. At 87 minutes the teams were still 1 to 1, but Glen Johnson (who became the bettor’s favorite player) scored the goal that made the Maltese win. In the end, he won € 674,265 thanks to a bet on 19 games and 7 different football leagues.

It is our duty to remember again how exciting it can be to win and you know, the adrenaline, the anticipation, and the accompanying rituals are priceless, but you always have to keep in mind how important it is to do things with a cool head.

Also, because very often, it’s not just luck. Evaluating in cold blood and without being overwhelmed by emotions can be more productive than a consecutive series of almost random bets.



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