SugarHouse Online Casino Introduces NBA Last 60

Bet on Virtual NBA Basketball Any Time, Day or Night!

There’s nothing like the thrill of the last seconds of a tightly contested NBA game. The roaring crowd, the frantic passes, the desperate three-pointers – that’s the NBA at its finest. Now, you can bet on the final moments of countless pro basketball games with NBA Last 60 at SugarHouse Online Casino in New Jersey.

NBA Last 60 is a virtual real-money casino game based on archival footage of real NBA games and lets you wager on the outcome of a fictitious in-conference matchup between two NBA teams. You can place several bets, like the over/under or number of three-pointers that will be made in the final minute of the game.

Or simply try to pick the team you think will win!

Then, the game splices together the last moments of the simulation  between the two teams. The result of each matchup is determined by a random number generator and is played out using clips of action about 10 to 13 seconds in duration.

NBA Last 60 lets you choose the teams you want to see battling on the court. Craving a Celtics vs. Timberwolves matchup? Or Bulls vs. Heat? With just a few clicks, you’ll see a series of late-game possessions, each with the potential to change the outcome of the bets you’ve placed.

You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you witness fast-paced NBA action, over and over again. Think you can dunk on virtual pro basketball? Don’t sit there on the bench — sprint down the court and log in to SugarHouse Online Casino today!


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