SugarHouse Online Casino Introduces New Secure Payment Method

SugarHouse Online Casino Introduces New Secure Payment Method, Wyrz

SugarHouse Online Casino is the first in New Jersey to introduce the new secure payment method, Wyrz. The alternative payment solution makes it very easy to deposit into your player account at by using your own preferred debit and credit cards.

In the past, making a deposit online with your credit or debit card was not always easy as often credit card transactions would get declined. With Wyrz, that’s no longer the case. If you do enter your credit or debit card information and it happens to not get approved, players are seemlessly re-directed to get a prepaid card via Wyrz so that your account immediately gets funded.

Wyrz prepaid cards are making it easy to fund your account quickly and securely so you can begin playing the games you love at!


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  • Diane

    Will there be further identification protocol using WYRZ (i.e. If I try and withdraw at a later date, will sugarhouse require proof of my cc or debit bills)?

    And will my credit card company consider a WYRZ charge as a cash advance?