SugarHouse Online Casino Offers Millennials A New Way To Gamble.

When it comes to spending money at land based casinos, just 21 percent of Millennials – under the age of 35 – cited gambling as an important draw, according to a study that surveyed more than 500 millennials and non-millennials from 22 states (the majority from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania). By contrast, ’42 percent of those above the age of 35 cited gambling as important’ says Jane Bokunewicz, assistant professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management Studies at Stockton University.

Millennials reported spending only 8.5 percent of their total budget on gambling compared to 23 percent by non-millennials. And if money wasn’t a concern, 50 percent of millennials would increase spending on casino bars and nightclubs compared to 17 percent of non-millennials. However the most interesting find to us was that free Wi-Fi was the top amenity cited by both groups in considering accommodations. Which means access to the internet must be important, right?

And why not? Millennials grew up in the age of the internet and pop music! Which is exactly why our online casino is the perfect solution those who like to gamble, but would like do it from the club rather outside of it. SugarHouse Online Casino can be played from anywhere in New Jersey, whether you’re on the WiFi at a hotel lounge, or on your phone at the your favorite nightclub.

This was an important study for us. It provides a lot of incite into the consumer and what matters to them. That’s why we’re making it our goal to change the way Millennials think about gaming. Join us today and download the Play SugarHouse app to see why Millennials have a new way to think about gambling…



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