Ten Reasons Virtual Sports Betting Can Be Just as Satisfying

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You may have never heard of virtual sports betting. But, in this case, it would mean that you are downright behind in a revolution since virtual sports have indeed invaded sports betting sites in recent years and it must be admitted that this is not about to stop since this discipline is experiencing exponential growth. It is a gaming and betting sector that counts millions of bettors across the US. We invite you to discover today on playsugarhouse.com this new game that could well make you feel as satisfied as if betting on real sports and especially make you win a little money while allowing you to have fun. As many sporting events are canceled, virtual sports betting has gained new popularity among sports bettors. We will briefly explain how virtual sports work and give you some virtual sports betting tips.

What are virtual sports?

Virtual sports are sports games that can be followed via a video stream and on which you can bet at sportsbooks like playsugarhouse.com. You can bet on fictitious matches in sports such as football, basketball, horse, and greyhound racing. For each event, you can bet on many different outcomes, just as it would be possible in real-life sports. The game simulation and highlights can be followed on a stream, so you can cross your fingers and hope your bet wins at any time.

Virtual Sports Betting: Soccer

Like betting on real soccer, when you bet on virtual soccer, you can use very similar types of bets. Bets are available on the total number of goals scored or on the correct score. Also, there are over / under bets regarding the goals scored during the match.

Virtual Sports Betting: Horse Racing

Virtual horse racing, however, is more recent. It was introduced at the start of the new millennium. However, this new form of horse race betting has grown steadily. It is now one of the most profitable virtual betting markets.

Virtual horse racing is so designed to imitate real horse racing and to include three types of bets: Win / Place, Forecast and Tricast.

With a Win / Place bet, you can bet on a single horse that will win, will not win, or will finish in a certain position.

A forecast bet can be “straight” or “double”. In this case, choose the horses that will be placed in a specific order or the first two positions. Finally, a Tricast bet means that you expect horses to finish the race in the first three positions.

Virtual Sports Betting: Greyhound Racing

The betting options for virtual greyhound racing are basically the same as you find with virtual horse racing and, of course, the easiest option is to guess what greyhound will be the winner of the race. Other types of bets relate to what will be the dogs that will arrive in the first two positions or a Tricast bet in which you try to predict the first three greyhounds that finish the race.

Virtual Sports Betting: Tennis

Betting on virtual tennis works the same way as regular tennis bets. The only difference is that instead of betting on a game of three or five sets, you only bet on one game.

The available options are “Winner”, “Total Points” and “Correct Score”. Remember that one of the tennis players will always have the advantage of serving, but that does not necessarily mean that you are more likely to win.

Virtual Sports Betting: Basketball

Among virtual sports, there is also basketball. By relying on the bookmakers who offer this option, you will experience the simulation of games in high definition and you will be involved in the development of the match. Virtual bets were not created to replace the real sport, but to provide pleasure more frequently. The betting options you have are match winner, total points, handicap, winner of the 1st quarter, the total number of points in the 1st quarter, handicap bet for the 1st quarter, home team total, and away team total.

Betting on virtual sports is very similar to betting on a real-world sporting event. The only differences are the bookies who determine when virtual events occur – usually at rapid and regular intervals – and who is in competition.

Our Ten Reasons Why Virtual Sports Betting Is Satisfying


  1. No fixed matches

As all games are simulated, this could raise questions about the impartiality of the computer, as it ultimately decides the outcome of each bet. We assure you that virtual sports are nevertheless 100% legal! All the results are decided by a random number generator (RNG), which decides the result. All possible outcomes have a statistical chance of occurring, and the RNG decides the actual outcome.


  1. Round the clock availability

Since no real athlete is involved, virtual sports are not subject to cancellation, which is the main reason why virtual sports are so popular. Another advantage is that they can be played at any time of the day. Some games that start every minute. Unlike other sports, for which it can be difficult to find images, a video stream of all the proposed events is available continuously.


  1. Limited human factor interference

The first thing to know to properly understand this universe is that virtual sport is in fact at the crossroads between the casino and sports betting. It is an equally exciting game that consists of betting whenever you want and at any time on sporting events, the results of which are however determined by software. It must be admitted that the human factor is particularly very limited here because the betting odds and especially the results are therefore automated by the game provider.


  1. Immediate payouts

Do you want a more concrete example? Well, let’s say virtual sports are sort of like betting on a soccer game that would be played on a game console between two of your friends. But we must admit that the main interest of this virtual sport lies in the fact that you will be able to bet when you want. You can, therefore, bet on the winner of the match, the score, the number of goals. You should know that these virtual sports games allow you to immediately cash in your winnings and that it is, therefore, your chance! In short, it’s a bit the same principle as a slot machine game!


  1. Diversity

You can find virtual sports competitions that work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a new match starts every 3-4 minutes. This means you have about 2 minutes to analyze the odds on the bookmaker’s site and place your bets online. It must be said that if you are used to betting already, you will not be disoriented by the betting interface which remains similar to that of sports betting, with a bet slip, odds, and a simple betting procedure.


  1. A revolution in virtual sports betting

You will therefore understand: a revolution is underway and is currently reshaping the entire world of online sports betting. It is also interesting to note that virtual sports have appeared in the game libraries of US bookmakers and casino operators. A gradual development will take place over the next years and will increasingly appeal to casino and sports betting players around the world.

To have fun and try to win at the same time on the virtual sports betting, it is necessary to place a bet before the start of the match. But you can also place it during the match. Concretely, you have the possibility, in fact, to bet on events that oppose virtual teams of football, tennis, horse races, or even greyhounds at any time of the day or the night.


  1. Player skills are not involved

A common drawback of virtual sports is that no player skills are involved, which, in real sports betting, is the best way to determine the performance of players and teams. Therefore, virtual sports should be considered only gambling entertainment.


  1. You can improve your betting strategy

On the other hand, you can still use virtual sports betting to refine your betting strategy and test certain betting systems. Again, your success depends on the RNG, but you can still develop important traits like patience, concentration, and analytical thinking.


  1. No time is required for preparation

V-sports are very interesting, but you need to find your own perspective on them. Some players appreciate that they can watch sports and bet on a completely random outcome, without investing the time and effort to analyze the current skills of teams or players. Other players acknowledge that virtual sports lack the skills inherent in every professional sports competition.


  1. Easy registration

To bet on virtual sports you just have to go to our virtual sports betting page. Here, you can choose the sport that interests you. We have one of the most interesting platforms on the virtual sports betting market, especially since it has a license from the Gaming Commission.

So just register and open an account on the website, which is generally easy. You must go to our platform and, on the home page, press the “Join Now” button in the upper right corner. Then enter your email address and password, then fill in the information relating to your identity and the number of your valid identity document.

Once registration is complete, simply credit your account and then open the “Virtual Sports” option. Select the event that interests you from those that are already programmed. Choose your bet from the list offered, and it will be added immediately to the betting slip. Finally, validate your bet. Once it is done, make way for the adrenaline rush. Bets (or history) can be viewed at any time from your user’s account.


Virtual Sports Betting: Conclusion

Obviously, virtual sports betting is here to stay because it gives sports betting fans the opportunity to practice their favorite pastime 24/7.

Do you want to try virtual sports betting? Discover the offer on Sugar House here! (Registered account and minimum age of 21 years required.)


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