Top 5 Tips to Play Slingo Like a Pro

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Get ready to become a Slingo pro! Thanks to our Slingo tips you will enjoy hours of fun playing the hottest online game: Slingo! All bingo and slot machine lovers are already fans of this game. If you do not like worrying about winning, then this is the game for you, so let’s play slingo!

What Is Slingo and Where Does It Come From?


Of course, you know that Bingo is a high-level lottery game, but if you are not very familiar with the options offered by online games, then you may not have heard of Slingo. In fact, Slingo is an online game that combines certain elements of traditional bingo and those of slot machines. The idea of Slingo was originally developed by a businessman from New Jersey, was launched in the ‘90s on the AOL platform, and unexpectedly succeeded when it turned out that players found this easy-to-play game extremely attractive.

The Slingo game allows you to play Slingo in an online environment incorporating many aspects of the famous 75-ball bingo and some of the distinctive features of traditional slot machines.

In 75-ball Bingo, you use a grid composed of 5 columns and 5 rows. It, therefore, responds to a very classic even format, which is that of 5×5. Each box includes a specific number apart from the central box of the grid that is free.

In Slingo, the main game playing environment contains a 5×5 grid with reels just below it. As the name suggests, online Slingo is very similar to classical bingo, so the gaming screen looks like the layout of the bingo card. During the gameplay, there is only one place on each reel in a row that is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Initially, Slingo was only released in the trial version as a free entertainment option. But now that Slingo has become popular, you can play Slingo online games with real money, like so many other slot machines. Slingo turned out to be an interesting game, mainly because it provides an interesting, fun gaming environment for both bingo and slot machine lovers.


How to Play Slingo Online


If you like to play Slingo online, you will find that this new type of bingo is very interesting and easy to understand. Remember that Slingo is just a blend of slot machines and bingo. First, spin the reels under your grid, then check your grid to see if any of the selected numbers appearing on the reels are displayed there.

In addition to the Slingo number, your reels may also display some symbols in the online Slingo game. It is important to pay attention to these symbols, as they could get you instant prizes, as well as special gaming bonuses. In classic online Slingo games, this set of symbols can include components like gold coins, jokers, super jokers, and free spins.

As compensation for your stake, you will receive a series of spins that must also be completed over a certain timeframe. You will also find some options to win additional spins while playing online Slingo and you can purchase additional spins anytime in the game.

Slingo is not merely checking the numbers in your grid, as you are familiar with a regular Bingo lottery ticket. Winning Slingo games requires skills to gain game points.

What Prizes Can You Win from Slingo?


Slingo slot machines give you a certain number of points with every spin. What you need to know when you play Slingo is that the number of points depends on the action of the game. Although the different Slingo slot machines offer different types of prizes, for example, points are often awarded for game actions, for example, clearing a series of numbers, clearing all the numbers on your grid, capture coin symbols and / or spinning multiple Super Jokers or Jokers.

Beginners playing Slingo might use an explanation of some of Slingo’s classic elements:

  • The Joker is the wild card used to replace any number in the column of the above table.
  • Super Joker is more valuable and can be used to replace numbers anywhere on your grid.
  • Three or more Jokers or Super Jokers will win you cash prizes instantly.
  • A Free Spin element gets you free spins.
  • The coin symbol gets you a money prize.

In addition to the classic version of Slingo, closely associated with the classic bingo, there are many other variations inspired by the world of online slot machines so if you want to play slingo you have a lot of variations you can choose from..

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Slingo Riches

Slingo Riches is an online Slingo game that you can play at a fast pace. This is also one of the best games of its kind. This game is loved by both beginners and experts due to its direct gameplay and the chance of winning big jackpots!

slingo ritches online on playsugarhosue
Tips and Strategies

  • Get ready for a quick combination of bingo and slot machines that you will absolutely love!
  • Win cash prizes by matching the numbers on the reels with the numbers on the grid – it is easy to earn riches!
  • Target positions that stretch in multiple directions. The center square contains horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. This way, you can go beyond the positions that are not in multiple Slingo lines.
  • Find up to 4 extra spins at the end of the game.


Slingo Extreme

Slingo Extreme is a combination of classic 75-ball bingo and traditional slot machines, offering fast-paced gameplay, big cash prizes, and more spins than most of other Slingo games. This game can be played for real money. With a full house jackpot, you can win amazing sums.

play slingo extreme on Playsugarhouse
Tips and Strategies

  • Exciting wins with Slingo Extreme – live on the wild side!
  • If you complete Slingos in 11 spins, you will avoid buying additional rounds and will get winning reel combinations!
  • Get exceptional coins and scatter combinations of at least 3 Jokers to win prizes.
  • Get ready for even faster spins and automatic spins in the main game.

Slingo Fortunes

This Asian Casino Slingo game lives up to its name! It offers you mysterious prizes, huge multipliers, and huge jackpots! This addictive game also gives you an unlimited number of extra spins and super jokers that will allow you to win big prizes and real money! Play this awesome mix of Bingo and Slots now and win big!

play slingo fortunes on playsugarhouse

Tips and Strategies

  • Use the Jokers and Super Jokers carefully. Mark off the envelope where you are most likely to win a Slingo.
  • Fortunes Offer – be careful about them. You can always leave with a great cash prize.
  • Buy more spins when you’re really close to winning the game. If not, it is better to start a new game.


Slingo Reveal

This is another version of the classic Slingo game! This addictive game gives you a new way to play your favorite casino games and gives you a chance to win a big jackpot!

play slingo reveal game on playsugarhouse
Tips and Strategies

  • You can also play Slingo Reveal on your mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. This way, you can connect to one of your favorite online Slingo games on the go. Are you ready to play?
  • Use your Jokers wisely. Mark off the numbers that give you the chance to score a Slingo.
  • Beware of Devils that can block a Slingo.
  • Collect loads of Slingos so you can collect more symbols and get higher winnings.
  • If you buy more spins, your RTP will increase immediately. This means you are more likely to win with a few more spins. Therefore, if you are near the mega jackpot, you could spend a little extra to complete the grid and win the grand prize! However, note that the price for the next spin increases with each additional spin.

Our Five Tips to Play Slingo Like a Pro


No matter what Slingo game you play, there are a few basic strategies you can use to complete the levels.

  1. Always check the numbers on the reels before choosing where to put the super joker to avoid matching the numbers available on the reels.
  2. Also choose to match several numbers on a row, for example, a row with four numbers instead of a row with one or two.
  3. Avoid combining middle numbers or images until the end.
  4. If you clear the rest of the numbers on the card and match the center, you will get five Slingos in only one spin.
  5. Try not to use too many bonuses at once, some will disappear after several rounds.


Try each game at least once to find out which one is best suited for you.

Slingo is suitable for novices and experts who will find the game type they want.

Slingo can be played effortlessly on an online interface.

Are you ready? Let’s Play Slingo!



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