Virtual Sports Betting: How It Works and How to Bet

virtual sports betting

About virtual sports betting

Video game enthusiasts no longer have to settle for casino games or sports betting. They currently have the opportunity to take part in virtual sports betting. As the name implies, the game is easily accessible online, with just a few clicks. So, wherever you are, you can play as you please, while of course making profits. Unfortunately, in case of excess, the game fans risk becoming addicted. It should, therefore, be noted that virtual betting must be a pure source of pleasure and not stress or other forms of addiction.

Virtual sports bets are bets that can be made on the occurrence of some sports events simulated by a computer, the outcome of which is shown through an animation done in computer graphics, based on an already determined result.

Virtual sports definition

Inspired by the slot machine games and sports betting, the online sports betting invites two virtual teams to show each their performance. For about 3 minutes, they take part in online games. The bettors, therefore, predict the possible results. The discipline, being virtual, relies neither on the performance of the participants nor on the action of the players. The result is determined by software. Note that the competitions involve many types of sports, to mention only basketball, football, tennis and horse racing. To increase their odds of winning, bettors can rely on statistics that are made available to them on the interface. But nothing prevents them from playing on their own instinct.

Casino and virtual sports have so much in common. They are all based on chance. Moreover, the outcome of virtual sports is revealed just after the bet. That’s why this new form of online gambling is of interest to both casino gamers and sports fans. Most of them may even get too attached and can no longer control their desire to play. Vigilance is essential, in this case, knowing that such addictive behavior will expose you to ruin. By over-betting on virtual sports, you will certainly be dealing with the various symptoms of addiction, just to mention stress and anxiety.

How the game works

The main advantage of virtual sport lies in the fact that you can make profits or lose money quickly. Instead of having to comply with the limited bookmaker schedules, virtual sports fans are free to play as they wish. Even in the middle of the night, you can try your luck by easily accessing a specialized platform.  You must place a bet before the beginning of the match or during the course of the match. For fans of slot machines or table games, the live adrenaline rushes a handful of seconds while waiting for the result of their bet. The virtual sport overcomes the disadvantages of both disciplines by offering bets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and games that last from 2 to 4 minutes. Specifically, you can bet on events that pit virtual football teams, tennis, horse racing and greyhounds at any time of the day or night. The world of virtual football betting is now very popular because of its many advantages, but also by the growing interest of players born in the 80s. They are regulars in video games and find a similar atmosphere in virtual sports.

virtual betting


The bet types you can choose are: number of goals, double chances, winner, etc. The interface, meanwhile, is very easy to identify and accessible to all. It provides the player with odds and a betting slip to fill in easily and in no time. 

Systems and software

There are no systems or software to hack or take “unfair” advantage from virtual races.


It is quite useless to trace and collect statistics on what happens in virtual events because they are generated randomly by a computer, which certainly has no “memory” of what a team or a dog or other has done in a previous race.

Virtual bets: opinions

Are virtual bets fixed?

A fixed football match is one of which results are known in advance. Virtual football bets are not fixed, because the bookmaker has no advantage whatsoever in favoring you and favoring another, the bets at the end of the day will produce a profit, whatever the results and bets placed.

Can you win virtual bets?

Using a method, a strategy appropriate to the odds, and a bit of luck, it will be possible to win on an ongoing basis.

High risk of addiction

Behind the ease of access to the game and the fact that the interface is available, the players are subject to high addiction risks.  They can also choose the type of game to increase their chances of making real money online. After work and during the weekends, they go to a specialized website just to play and expect a gain. They may also wake up in the middle of the night or even choose to swap their sleep for virtual sports betting. At this point, the game has become a hidden source of addiction and not pleasure.





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    If you don’t have an approved bank (like myself) I suggest you use some other site other than Sugarhouse and Bet Rivers. Trying to get paid out is an absolute nightmare. I had an easier time with an overseas site.