What exactly are progressive slot machines?

progressive slots

If you ever hear of spectacular earnings in casinos, know that they usually come from progressive jackpot games.

The biggest sum ever won at a progressive slot machine is 18 million euro. The game was Mega Moolah.

The progressive jackpot grows each round. As more people join the game, the jackpot becomes bigger. This is because the jackpot gets a small percentage out of every bet that is placed.

But, before diving into the world of progressive jackpot slots, let us see the two main types of online slots.

Classic slots (with three reels) – They used to represent the absolute standard a few years ago, and then they were adopted by online casinos. They are three-reel slots that have between one and five betting lines. The purpose of the player is to `catch` the same symbol on a betting line, for them to win.

Video slots (five reels, three rows) – these have become the standard nowadays. Initially, these games had five betting lines, but now you will hardly find one with less than nine betting lines. When this model has become familiar to everyone, slots producers began to innovate and as a result of this action, we now have access to video slots with a great variety of special features, each being more interesting than the other. Whether the slots have five, nine, 15, 20, 25 or thirty winning lines, these machines work on the same principle – the player must `catch` at least three identical symbols, from left to right, on a betting line, in order to secure a win. We encounter differences when we approach the individual special features of each game. These features are the main point of attraction of a game.

Based on how you win the prize, there are three main categories of slots – progressive, slots with 243 ways of winning and 3D. Let’s briefly discuss the other two, before we turn our full focus towards the progressive jackpot slots.

Slots with 243 ways of winning – Standard slots usually have a limited number of paylines with which you could win. Not the same with machines that have `243 ways of winning`. Basically, the betting lines disappear, and they are replaced by winning combinations, from left to right, no matter the line they appear on. The player places a fixed bet, and after that, all it takes for him to win is to get three identical symbols, from left to right, without consideration to their position on the reel.

3D slots are very innovative, especially when we’re talking about graphics. Generally, they’re still games with five reels and three rows, but with 3D slots, the graphic elements and animations are very impressive and resemble high-tech console games. This kind of slots can be found in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. They offer proper entertainment and they’re produced by the titans of the tech industry.

There are independent, progressive jackpot slots out there, that vary from casino to casino. But there’s also that type of jackpots that grow by accumulating bets from different casinos. The latter generates huge wins. When a jackpot is collected, it goes back to scratch and grows again, depending on the bets. It is very useful for a player to know when the bets are big and plenty, so the jackpot is at a high level.

progressive slot machines


How to play progressive jackpot games?

A progressive slot is much more thrilling and interactive than a basic one. Here are the key elements you should consider if you want to play such games:

Read the paytable

The paytable is important for any kind of casino game but is crucial for progressive slots. It contains all the necessary requirements for the player to be able to activate the bonus and all the information about symbols and paylines. The player has to make sure he reads the table every time, so he knows what he has to do in order to increase his winning chances.

Max Bet

Often, to activate a jackpot you need to place a big bet (max bet). You should check the paytable for this requirement. If it is mandatory and you don’t meet the terms, you would just win the regular amount for that slot.

Activating all paylines

This is also a pretty common rule in many jackpot games. Progressive jackpot slots have variable paylines, starting from three and going up to 20 or even more. Again, the details of paylines can be found on the paytable.

Online slots are not the only ones with progressive jackpots. There’s also blackjack, poker, or the roulette. So if you’re interested in progressive slot machines, it is worth it to start playing for a big, big prize. You never know when luck strikes. And sometimes, when it does, it’s life changing.

Progressive jackpot odds

Many times, there’s always a bit of a downside to anything that sounds very good. But when we’re talking about online casino games, everything is very simple, really. Jackpot prizes are real and earned on a regular basis. It’s all about luck, after all. Same as at the lottery, some people might win several times, while others, not so much.

Realistically speaking, it is more likely to win a standard jackpot. But a big one is also possible, and if you’re the lucky winner, the difference will be so significant! The progressive online jackpot is much bigger than the one found in actual casinos. So, you can do it all from the comfort of your very own home. No need to get out of the house to a physical casino and wait for other players to leave the machines you want to play at. You have all the games you could imagine, free of waiting in line. Don’t you just love technology? We do, too.










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