Why Play New Slot Machines in 2019 – Mini Guide and Tips

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In the family of online casinos, novelty is synonymous with evolution. And that’s why you always make a good choice by choosing new slot machines. And in general, when an online casino with new slots comes out, you are also doing good business in terms of promotions and profitability.

Why look for new slots at all costs? 

In general, slot machines that have just been released are always much more advanced than their ancestors. Try some new free online slot machines and see for yourself. Technology continues to evolve, and with it the quality of graphics and animations evolves. The universes created in 3D are in 2019 a new standard for the online casino games, as well as the cutscenes. The newest slot games therefore tend to be more entertaining and ever more attractive. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule, as the new casino slot machines also include re-releases of bestsellers by some of the biggest casino game developers. They make the choice to design their games again, in HTML5 rather than flash. Or to propose a new deluxe version with better graphics and opportunities. You will also find among the newest slot machine games modern machines and more traditional machines, but still more optimized. These new no download slot machines really have it all.

What features do new slots have?

Among the technological advances, there is also a growing number of video slots and progressive jackpot slots. Players are fond of new models and new atmospheres. It can be boring to play with the same symbols and characters all the time. And in addition to a new environment, the newest slot games offer many benefits: more bonus games, more paylines, hidden options. Everything is possible when it is necessary to beat the competition and propose the best new slot machines of the web every day. And then, the launch of a new slot machine almost automatically translates into a promotion. And good profitability, because the goal is to attract new followers.

How to choose the latest slot machines in 2019?

Some of the new 2019 online slot machines are more profitable than others, or more interesting than others. How do you find them? Here is a mini guide that will help you make the best slot machine choices to start playing with real money.

Types of new slot machines

If you can still find new editions of classic slot machines online, most of the recent slots are video, 3D, or progressive jackpot.

  • Video slots

The new video slot games are getting closer to interactivity and the world of video games. They break the codes of the classic slot machines and do not offer a fixed representation of the reels. Instead, you will find a multitude of animated symbols, opportunities to trigger a bonus game, and video effects. There is no limit in the number of symbols or paylines, and everything becomes possible.

  • 3D slots

As their name suggests, these slot machines are fully designed in 3D, from characters to scrolls. This will immerse the player in an atmosphere, a story, which makes the slot machine game even more entertaining. Today, 3D slot machine models are a real success. This is probably the most popular version you will find on the new online slot sites.

  • Mobile slots

All new 2019 slot machines are edited in mobile version and designed for this purpose in HTML5. The new mobile slot machines are optimized to offer the player an optimal user experience, both on Android and Apple. If you like playing on the move or during your down times, you will have no trouble playing on the latest mobile casino slot games.

  • Progressive jackpots

Among the new slots of the moment, there are of course progressive jackpot slot machines. On such a slot machine, all of the players’ bets form a jackpot that grows with each turn, until a lucky player wins. This type of machine is still popular among players, and for good reason: who can resist the call of the jackpot when it counts in millions? This is the flagship concept of casinos that attracts all players of the web.

Find the best new slot machines!

To find the best slot machine within the latest innovations in the industry, here are some criteria to consider. The goal: to find the most profitable, entertaining, and reliable slot machine.

·       The redistribution rate

The redistribution rate, expressed as a percentage, will help you know easily, whether a slot machine is profitable or not. This percentage makes it possible to calculate the share of all the bets, which will be paid back in the form of gains. The rest goes into the pocket of the casino. The latest online slot machines tend to have better profitability. Note that at an online casino, a good redistribution rate is at least 95%.

·       Volatility

The second component to watch: volatility. When you talk about a new slot machine, high volatility means that you will lose often, but, when you win, you tend to win big! On the contrary, in the case of a new low volatility slot machine, you will win smaller amounts, but you are more likely to win more often. Obviously, there are also machines of average volatility for the compromise. Here, we do not talk about profitability, but rather about your player profile, and your goals: play a long time and bet little or play little time and bet more. If you like the fun of playing a game, you are probably better to opt for a slot machine with low volatility. However, if you want to win big, you might want to play on a new high-volatility slot machine, where the risk is high, but the rewards are also higher. It’s for you to choose. But always remember that a slot machine is a game of chance and if you play on a machine with low or high volatility, you can win or lose.

·       The game developer

Any slot machine was created by a developer. You must have heard about new NetEnt slot machines, BetSoft, IGT, or new Microgaming slot games. If you want to engage in safe gambling, you can blindly choose games designed by these developers on your favorite slot sites. Of course, the latest online casino slot games from small independent developers can also be innovative and inventive, but the bigger the software developer, the more you’ll be able to find their games (as well new as old) in online casinos.

·       Casino license

This advice is always welcome. Once you know which slot machines you want to play, check the reliability of the casino in question. Online gaming licenses are issued by gaming jurisdictions around the world. Some of these jurisdictions are more stringent than others in their licensing regulations. The casino must have a license issued by a reliable jurisdiction. Even if you want to bet real money on the latest sites with new slot machines, you can play on a secure platform. Online gaming licenses are issued by gaming jurisdictions around the world. It goes without saying that each jurisdiction will have its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of costs, the geographic location and the requirements that must be met to obtain the license. Well-known online casinos will go through the trouble of obtaining a gaming authority’s license with a good reputation because it makes them more credible to players and in the international casino community itself. In addition, they may only open a merchant bank account if they hold a gaming license issued by one of the accredited jurisdictions.

·       Graphics and sound effects

The graphics, ambiances, video effects and sound of the latest slot machines are above all that which makes the players come to the new sites of slot machines. And we understand that, especially when a slot machine comes out on your favorite theme. Remember to check at first its profitability and reliability, you will never be disappointed.

best new slot machines

·       Bonuses

If you don’t know what slot machine or casino to choose, well, go for the ones that offer the most bonuses and features such as free spins and free games. It’s always more entertaining and it adds more action to the game. New slot machines with bonuses always offer more profitability and features. And, in the context of offers and promotions of new games, you can also find new free slot machines to test directly.

You have every interest in playing these cool slot machines. Take advantage of this selection of the latest bonuses and offers of the moment to play the most popular slot machines, at the most innovative, online casinos. And before you register, do not hesitate to take advantage of free demos and new slot machines without deposit.  This way, you can play new slots games without registering with a casino. You can train a bit without wagering real money and play new slot machines without registration.

Things to consider when choosing new slots

Of course, we know that there are many things to consider when choosing a new slot machine game; the type of game; the volatility of the machine; the game mode; your reason to play (if you want to enjoy the latest free slot machines for fun or for gains): all these will help you decide if the game suits your needs.

Once you have tried many free games you will find that you are in a better position to find out what suits you best. You will have a better idea of ​​what your gamer profile is and you will find it easier to choose the games and online casinos that suit you best.



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