Win a share of $10,000 in our Haunted Hunt Halloween Promotion

Get ready for some Hallowinning in our 10K Haunted Hunt Promotion at! Starting at Midnight October 27 through the 31st, players can earn loyalty points AND win on scratch cards that reveal 3 of a kind spooky symbols like bats, skeletons, ghosts, and pumpkins. Collect all four of winning Halloween themed icons throughout the promotion and win a share of the ghoulishly good $10,000 on offer! For more details visit our promotions page at

To set out on the big haunted hunt, earn the following loyalty points in a calendar day to receive Haunted Hunt Scratch Cards. Each day resets at midnight where you can earn a new set of Haunted Hunt Scratch Cards again:

20 loyalty points= 1 haunted hunt scratch cards
60 loyalty points= 2 haunted hunt scratch cards
120 loyalty points= 3 haunted hunt scratch cards
200 loyalty points= 4 haunted hunt scratch cards
300 loyalty points= 5 haunted hunt scratch cards

Normally bad luck Black Cats would set you back in any haunted hunt, but not this one. Players that earn 500 or more loyalty points will receive a special Black Cat Scratch Card in addition to the 5 Haunted Hunt scratch cards. This scratch card includes a fifth symbol – the Black Cat. If you match three Black Cats on one single scratch card you will instantly be counted to win a share of the $10,000 in Bonus Money.

Didn’t collect all 4 symbols or a Black Cat? Don’t worry, you still have a second chance at winning. Each scratch card earned counts towards entries to a $1,000 Second Chance Sweepstakes, so the more cards you collect throughout the promotion, the greater chance you have of being one out of ten Second Chance Winners!


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