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Founded on June 6, 1946, under the name Basket Association of America (BAA), the NBA takes its current name three years later, when the merger with the other American professional basketball league, the National Basket League, takes place. Currently, 30 teams take part in the prestigious basketball championship and the NBA takes place in three main phases: the regular season, the playoffs and the finals. The various teams participating in the tournament are divided into two large conferences, called Eastern Conference and Western Conference. These, in turn, include each three Divisions, each consisting of 5 teams: the Atlantic, Central and Southeast Division and the Northwest, Pacific and Southwest Division.

The National Basketball Association, also known as the NBA, is today the highest professional basketball league in the United States of America. The legendary Stars and Stripes basketball tournament takes place annually from October to June and represents in all respects the most prestigious basketball championship in the world since many of the best international basketball players play in the NBA.

With us you experience the great NBA show and place your bets on the outcome of the matches simply and safely, even from smartphones and tablets, choosing from a rich variety of NBA betting methods, on all the exciting tournaments, from the regular season to the finals.

Live NBA Odds

The first thing you should remember and understand is how the NBA odds work. The stronger the team and the more obvious its victory, the lower the odds will be if you decide to bet on this event, and vice versa, if you decide to bet that one of the outsiders will score five goals in a row and this bet is be successful, then you can win a lot of money, since the related odds will be very high. The live NBA odds can be viewed in a special table, which is on our website.

To make it clearer what the NBA odds are, here’s a simple example. Suppose you decide to bet on some event. Now you need to find it in the table of NBA odds and look for, let’s say, the odds 2.1 for victory. If you risk betting 1000 dollars and the event on which you bet really happens, your winnings will be 2100 dollars. If your bet is not successful, you will lose your 1000 dollars.

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This sporting event is full of talents and it is due to the presence of many champions that the NBA championship is bettor’s favorite in 2019. On the page dedicated to basketball and in particular to the NBA championship, you can find bets on live and upcoming events, bets on futures, and moneyline bets. We also offer the best odds with high payouts and a section entirely dedicated to promotions.

So, the NBA betting excitement is just a click away: register as a user, follow the simple procedure to activate your personal gaming account and discover the bets on the outcome of the individual matches and the championship. In the NBA section of our website, you will find all the upcoming matches and the best NBA betting odds. Thanks to the apps available for all the main devices, you can access your account at any time and wherever you are and make your bets with a few taps on the smartphone or tablet display.

The bets we offer in relation to the NBA basketball championship are:

  • NBA winner
  • NBA finals MVP
  • Western Conference winner
  • Southwest Division winner
  • Southeast Division winner
  • Pacific Division winner
  • Northwest Division winner
  • Eastern Conference winner
  • Central Division winner
  • Atlantic Division winner

The pre-match bets can be made even at a great distance of time from the event itself, predicting the favorite team that will win the competition. Ready? Steady? Bet!

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