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Your darts bets could go straight to the bull’s eye

Darts is a game of focus, determination and perseverance. The last years have shown the entire world that darts is not just a fun activity, but a sport in itself. Because of the rise of its popularity, partly due to the fact that nowadays darts tournaments are televised, darts betting also gained a lot of fans.

Darts odds should be your main concern when considering wagering on this sport. Because SugarHouse Online Casino created a safe platform for you to show your passion for darts, we also gathered some information about it, and also some useful darts betting tips.

Handicap darts bets

If you want to increase your chances of winning, this strategy might be the best option for you.

When it comes to handicap darts betting, a certain player has an advantage or disadvantage attributed to him. If a player is considered to be the underdog, then he might be given an advantage, and if a player is considered to be the favourite one, then a virtual handicap is going to be given to him. Let’s say the favourite player is given a handicap of -1.5, this means that he has to win by 2 sets. So, every time you bet using this system, you will have to pay attention to the odds.

Outright Darts Betting Strategy

Darts betting odds may be low if you want to wager on a single game. Because even the usual favourite has pretty good odds, this could be a good option for you. What you will have to do is to pick one darts player that you think might be the winner and hope for the best.

Because a tournament has more phases, you could try to build your own darts betting strategy. If you believe in an outright win, but you are not 100% convinced that this is going to happen, you could wager on an outright win, but also on the fact that the same player is going to reach the quarter-finals, for example.

Win accumulator strategy

If you believe that darts betting on an entire tournament is way too risky for your own taste, then you might want to take a look at the win accumulator system.

Simply wagering on a single game does not bring you much of a win, as the odds are too low, so bettors put their money on several games. Let’s say you take a guess on five games and you bet your money on them. Then you wait for the games to be played. If by the end of the last of the games, the outcomes are exactly the way you predicted, then you get your money.

What is very appealing to this strategy is that both experienced and beginner darts bettors can find great satisfaction in it.

No matter what sort of darts wagering strategy you may choose, make sure that you really understand each of them, that you analyze and identify the best odds and that you have fun! Sports are meant to bring people hope, laughter and a great time, so do not let yourself feel down if you just happen to lose one bet.