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Some people literally run amok when it comes to football. This sport is, in the US and Canada, even ahead of basketball, baseball or ice hockey. The most famous league in the world is the NFL, the North American Football League. The best players and superstars of the scene are here. The NFL and AFL's annual final, the American Super Bowl, is broadcast live by hundreds of television stations worldwide.

But not only the professional league attracts millions of Americans. Football is part of the study program at every university. The College League often mobilizes more people than a match of the first European soccer league.

The NFL is the dominant league in every bookmaker’s betting offer. Some bookmakers have extra games in the Australian or New Zealand League, but this is rare. College games are quite common in the portfolio of major bookmakers again in 2019. NCAAF lures with very interesting odds, so why not even try it? The sport is certainly not for beginners, there are many special bets for experienced bettors, but the betting markets offer something for newbies as well. There are a lot of NCAAF betting fans who publish current news of the league and developments in various blogs. It is advisable to search a little bit and collect the relevant information before placing a bet.

Live NCAAF Odds

In American betting formats, keep in mind the difference between positive and negative expressions. If it is a bet on the favorite, you will see a negative NCAAF odds value. Negative NCAAF betting odds indicate how much you have to pay to get back a profit of $ 100. For example, if Florida is the clear favorite in the game outcome (win bet), you'll see a value like -310. This indicates that you have to bet 310 $ for a 100 $ profit. If you win this bet, you will receive your stake of $ 310 plus $ 100 profit. The total refund is $ 410. If you see positive NCAAF betting odds in American format such as +170, this will show how much profit you can get with a bet of 100 $. With odds of +170 you would receive - if you won - for a bet of 100 $ plus 170 $, that is a total profit of 270 $. Note that although the American betting format always refers to the amount of 100 $ this is purely an expression and so, there is no limit or restriction for your free choice.

In a decimal format of NCAAF odds, simply multiply the bet by the betting prize in decimal form to see the full amount that you get back in the event of a win along with the bet. For example, if you bet $ 100 at 1.92, the total payout would be $ 192 and the won amount would be $ 92.

Bet on NCAAF Now!

Sports betting in general, but especially NCAF, provide ample opportunities for special bets. The live NCAAF odds are available at most sportsbook providers. Those who find the conventional two-way or three-way bets too boring can try betting on the live NCAAF odds. As the name suggests, live NCAAF betting is done in real time. This means that you place your bets during the game. This type of bet results in a very specific dynamic that has the potential to outshine traditional bets. Because of the dynamics just mentioned, it may happen that some bets are only available for a short time. So, if you think about it too long, you may have to live with the fact that the odds worsen significantly or the bet is no longer available.

Especially a sport like NCAA football offers so many possibilities to place an exciting bet. Bet with us, thrill guaranteed!

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