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How to win money with hockey betting

Even though hockey betting had a rough time, during the last few years it came back stronger and became more popular, not only among the Canadian fans, but also among people around the world.

Of course, it is not as successful in terms of popularity as soccer or basketball, however it grows slowly and steadily.

Hockey odds depend a lot on the performance of the teams, the accumulated points and wagering on futures.

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Hockey betting odds for futures

Bettors are familiar with this system, as it is commonly used for so many other sports. Whether you are betting on which hockey team is going to win the next championship, or you pick another future event to be your pivotal point, hockey bets can be placed throughout the entire year.

There are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration when wagering on future games and outcomes, so you better check out the odds before starting.

The puckline hockey odds

The puckline betting system, or the Canadian line, combines the wagering systems of moneyline and point spread. This translates into the condition that a bet is won only if the winning team scores two or more goals by comparison to the opposing one. Hockey odds of +2 indicate that a team is the underdog by 2 goals.

If you see a value of +180, this is connected to the moneyline system, meaning that it will show you how much you have to risk in order to make a profit.

The Over/Under Betting System

The over/under hockey bets are dependent on the final sum of the goals scored by both teams. In the wagering world, the hockey odds are, usually, set at 5 or 5.5.

With this kind of wagering system, you have to decide if the total of goals is going to be over or under. If the odds are at 5, then you wish for 6 goals if you bet on over, or you wish for a 4 if you bet on under.

Moneyline Wagering

This is one of the most used forms of betting when it comes to hockey. The bet here is about the winning team, as it does not depend on the number of goals it wins by. Negative odds will show you the winner and positive odds will point out the underdog.

Periods hockey wagers

Hockey bets are particularly interesting when it comes to the pucks scored for the period, with the statistics showing that at least 2 pucks have an 80% probability of being scored for the period.

As a wagering system, people bet on this outcome before the first period starts. If you want to give yourself extra winning chances, make sure you select matches from established leagues.

Hockey Leagues
Hockey Leagues