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The National Hockey League often referred to simply as NHL, is the most prestigious ice hockey league in the world, and one of the most important sports leagues in North America. The NHL tournament takes place annually from October to June and includes the participation of about 30 teams (31 in the most recent editions) based in the United States and Canada. The winning team of the season raises the famous Stanley Cup, named after the Governor of Canada, the donor of the cup in 1894, the year of the very first edition of the then National Hockey League.

Of the 31 teams currently taking part in the NHL, 24 are based in US cities, while the other 7 are represented by Canadians. The teams are divided into two large conferences, the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. These, in turn, are divided into as many divisions (Atlantic and Metropolitan Division for the Eastern and Central and Pacific Division for the Western Conference).

The National Hockey League is divided into two phases: in the first (the so-called Regular Season), which usually takes place from early October until early April, each team plays more than 80 games (half at home and half away), challenging all the other NHL participants, according to a predetermined schedule that includes a series of meetings with the teams of the same Division and Conference and less with those of the other groups.

Although in recent years the NHL has been enriched with the participation of an ever-increasing number of European players, the American and Canadian athletes continue to represent the largest share in the teams taking part in the tournament.

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NHL betting and NHL odds are two concepts that will always go hand in hand. If you want to not only play but also to win, in parallel with tracking game events, you need to do some simple mathematical operations in your head to calculate in advance how much money you can win or lose. Today’s NHL odds may differ significantly from tomorrow’s odds, and this will depend on which teams play, as well as on many other factors. Simply put, it is possible to say that the NHL odds are a number by which the amount of money you bet will be multiplied in case your bet is successful.

Please note that our website offers the most favorable odds for you. You can go, for example to the live NHL odds page and analyze the table of hockey odds. To make it easier for you to understand how the amount bet by you will increase, let us give a simple example: if the live NHL odds are 1.4 and you decide to bet 200 dollars, then in case of victory you will become the owner of 280 dollars.

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The National Hockey League games are events that should not be missed by fans: the legendary Canadian and US teams come to the rink to challenge each other in adrenaline-filled encounters, demonstrating all the strength, dynamism and spectacularism of a discipline in constant rise also in other parts of the world.

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