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Motorsports to bet on and the wagering systems to follow

Motorsports are usually associated with the feeling of freedom, testosterone and adrenaline. Because of the thrills this sport offer to people, motosports bets are constantly increasing in popularity.

The feeling the wagerers get when they hear the roaring engines is beyond explanation, as the passion for motorcycles and racing cars in getting bigger and bigger.

Because nowadays technology improves constantly and the contestants’ performance is spectacular, the online motorsports betting world is going wild.

Here at SugarHouse Online Casino we provide the best platform for both beginners and experienced bettors. We want to offer you high standard services that will lead you to success. This is why we thought it would come in handy to know a little bit about motosports betting odds and systems.

At SugarHouse Online Casino it is so safe and easy to wager! You just have to select which sport you want to bet on, observe the motorsports odds and then you can have all the fun in the world!

When it comes to motorsports wagering, an interesting aspect is that you can choose from a variety of different sports, which are sort of related to one another. You can bet on:


The American auto racing company manages and regulates the racing series of stock-cars. Even though most of the races take place in America, you can also wager on races from Canada, Australia, Mexico and Japan. The auto racing company was founded all the way back in 1948, and, globally, the races are broadcast in over 150 countries. This means that you will, most probably, be able to follow the race you bet on and see in real-time whether the motorsports odds were on your side.

Formula One

F1 is the most important competition in terms of auto racing. Because of the increasing number of people constantly watching Formula 1 races, wagering on this type of motorsport can get extremely satisfying. After each race, the evaluation starts, as drivers and constructors are given points to determine the winners. The series of races are called ‘Grand Prix’ and they take place on specially built circuits and on roads.


For those of you who love motorcycles and the freedom you feel when riding one, the World Championship may be the ideal occasion for you to bet. The MotoGP Championship is divided into three different classes: MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3.

What do Motorsports odds tell you?

The numbers shown by sportsbooks are the motorsports odds and they indicate whether or not a certain driver is the favourite or the underdog.

Wagerers can choose the constructors championship to bet on, as the trophy for the best constructor goes to the team that accumulated the biggest amount pf points during the entire season.

You can also opt to bet on which of the drivers is going to be the champion. If one driver gets the most points out of race finishes during the season, then he is going to be the winner.

Of course, you could also bet your money on the driver who is going to win a particular race. The one who firstly gets to the finish line, before everyone else does, wins the race.

Motorsports betting tips

Of course, one of the most important tip is to closely look at the motorsports odds before jumping to any conclusion, as you may be inclined to bet on your favourite driver, even though, for that specific betting system you have in mind, it may not the best option for you.

Bettors should also know about the history of the teams and drivers, in order to truly take advantages of the potential of the wager. You have to know if a certain driver performs best on a specific type of track and whether or not his competitors are better than him that year, according to the way they performed during the current season.

Another good tip would be to read reviews on different tracks, different drivers and teams. This can optimise your chances at winning more bets. This is because certain news and change of tactics within the team can shift the entire outcome of a race.

Spread betting for the motorsports races

This type of wagering system is based on the specificity of the bet. This means that you will have to be precise about the way a certain driver is going to perform compared to another driver. If you believe you know racers well enough to understand the way they are going to react on certain tracks, you could go on and place your bet following the spread wagering system.

Motorsports Moneyline Betting

If you think you know what the outcome of a race is going to be, then moneyline wagering system may be just right for you. With this kind of betting, motorsports odds can make you nice money. This is because if the underdog of the race won the race, then you would cash in more money than you invested.

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