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Learn about the basics of rugby betting

Rugby betting did not acquire the attention it really deserved even though rugby is an extremely entertaining sport that can offer the audience a blast. New Zealand made it its national sport and created a great atmosphere and a legendary image around rugby.

Here at SugarHouse Online Casino we are determined to show you some of the best rugby betting tips and strategies. After reading this, you can develop a betting strategy of your own, taking into consideration rugby odds, what tips you felt that worked and what didn’t.

Rugby betting odds

When it comes to rugby betting, you can make a wager any time there are any available odds. These odds reflect how probable it is for an event to happen during the rugby games.

This may sound like a classic and basic wagering system, but it can lead you to the path of success.

Player prop wagers

When the fixture outcome is not directly related to the wager, then we are talking about a player prop bet. An example of player prop rugby betting would be wagering on Beauden Barrett scoring points from a try.

Futures rugby betting

When you think about the future, it is hard to predict whether or not a certain event is going to happen. But when you have a history of tactics, performances and odds to look at, predicting the final outcome becomes a lot easier and safer.

Futures rugby betting is decided at the end of the season only. This means that bettors have to wait until the final moments of the championship to find out if they were right or not. If you like to be successful at this type of rugby bets, you will have to keep in mind that it is important to check on how certain teams performed during the past few seasons, how their tactics changed, which players are still active and which are not, how the teams evolved from the first game until the last one of the season.

Moneyline betting

Moneyline rugby betting means that you will have to choose which one of the two teams will win. If you bet that the New Zealand team will win against the team of England, and this actually happens, then you just won the wager.

First/last try-scorer rugby bet

There are certain rules to be followed when you place this type of bet. If the first try is a penalty try, the one who scored on the second try will be the winner because of settlement purposes.

If the final try is a penalty, everything will be settled according to the one who previously scored.

If the player you bet on takes the field after a try has been scored, this means that all of the first try-score wagers are going to be made void.

Betting on rugby player match-ups

With this sort of rugby betting you will win money if you correctly guess the player who will score the most points out of the two players. You may wonder what will happen if both players score the same amount of points? If this happens, your money will be refunded.