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How to optimize your chances of winning soccer bets

If your childhood was filled with you cheering on your favorite team, placing soccer bets against your friends and being filled with joy every time your top player scored, then you certainly are a soccer fan.

How can one not become a lover of this sport, when everything about it is so spectacular, competitive and engaging?

Here at SugarHouse Online Casino, we understand your passion for this sport and we created a safe and interactive platform for you to enjoy when you are soccer betting.

Every now and then, in order to maximize the soccer odds, it is not enough to just do your research and know what key player has left the team or what transfer the rival team has come up with. It is best for you to stay updated about the newest soccer betting tips, as you may come to discover you should try another method to gain profits.

Optimize the soccer betting odds with the over and under system

When your favorite team is finally about to win, something unpredictable happens, like a fault penalized with a red card, and then everything shifts. Soccer bets can get tricky if you rely only on the victory of your selected team. There are plenty of factors that should be taken into consideration before betting on a soccer match, but what if you could actually gain profit out of this?

With the over and under system, you can place a wager on the number of penalty cards, number of goals and so on. After the odds have been predicted, you can choose between going over that line or under it. If the exact number shown by the line is the final result, then you are going to get a refund.

Soccer bettors usually opt for this betting system when the underdog plays against a famous team and they are pretty sure the result is going to be in the favor of the better performing team.

Soccer bets on the last minute goal

Last minute soccer bets heavily rely on the final moments of the game. This betting system offers a lot of adrenaline to those who are die-hard fans of a certain team. However, it can also help those who are not so invested in the fame of a certain team, but have an eye for odds related to time and numbers.

The entire thrill here is hidden behind time. You make your soccer bet at a certain moment during the match and the odds get higher once your wager is placed at a moment closer to the end of the game.

Besides the thrill of it, you can make money through this soccer betting strategy. Because the game is not done until the referee says so, a last minute goal is very plausible, thus many soccer bets are won based on this strategy.

Betting on soccer losing favorites

Because soccer is such a popular sport to play, there are plenty of options for you choose from when deciding the system for your soccer bets.

One of the most rewarding wagering tactics is backing the losing favorite team. You have to know the matches that are going to have a clear favorite and wait until the moment an early goal is scored by the underdog. This is when you place your bet and support the favorite team, as you believe it is going to have a recovery by the end of the game.

Even though this may sound like a hazardous choice, that team was the favorite for a reason, even though it got behind an early goal.

There are plenty of examples when big teams recovered from such an episode and managed to win the game.