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Tennis odds and how to choose a betting system

The white sport gained its worldwide recognition due to the sportsmanship of the players, elegance in sharp movements and unbelievable come backs.

Tennis odds tend to be a rather talked about and diverse topic, because of the numerous tennis betting tips and systems.

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Tennis betting odds and the favorite player

Because tennis is a sport that relies on the capacity of a single player, as we do not deal with teams, unless we are talking about doubles, knowing which player is the favorite one can be a lucrative betting strategy. If Djokovic plays against an outsider, then you could optimize those tennis odds by placing a wager on the victory of the Serbian tennis pro player.

It is believed that this system works best for those matches where the odds are 1.45-1.65 for the favorite, because, even though, in most cases the underdog loses the game, there are situations where he beats the better ranked player.

Tennis bets and points wagers

Because a tennis match is very dynamic, as everything can change due to a double or an unforced error, betting on points is usually associated with higher risks and more adventure type of feelings.

For this type of tennis wagers, the bookmakers usually allow placing a bet on every 2 points, in order to avoid any issues concerning delayed broadcasting.

To avoid losing money on this wager, most tennis bettors choose to invest money in serving points, as serving offers an advantage to the player. Moreover, if the one who is serving is well known for his abilities in this area, then it is even more recommendable to place your bet on that point. Of course, there are a number of factors that should be taken into account, such as the sun position in regards to the one who is serving-as it is not comfortable to serve with the Sun blocking your sight, or with the wind coming towards the ball- or if both players use the right hand to hold the racket or not.

Tennis odds for handicap betting

One of the reasons so many people love tennis is because there is always a winner. There are no draws and so it is very important to know what type of strategy to adopt.

Bettors always have in mind tennis odds when they make a decision. If you place a bet on the obvious favorite, then most likely you are not going to make a considerable amount of money. And here comes in handy the handicap betting system. The bookmaker offers a handicap in the form of games, which is going to be added to the final score of the games won by that player. Let’s say Wawrinka has a handicap of +5 and plays against Federer. Even though Federer won the game by 6-4 6-3 6-4, with a total of 18 games won, Wawrinka, even though he lost the match, had a higher number of won games (20) due to the handicap offered in his name.

It does not matter what the result of the game is. The underdog can lose the game and still make you win the tennis bet. What matters is the consistency throughout the match and the advantage given to the not so favorite player.