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French Open Tennis

It was in 1891 that the first edition of the tournament took place. It was then called "French International Tennis Championship". It was actually an event that lasted only one day and where male players licensed in France participated. Six years later, in 1897, the tournament opened to women.

But it was only in 1912 that the clay made its appearance on the Parisian courts. The tournament was then named "Clay World Championships"

In 1925 the tournament was open to foreigners.

It is only from 1968 that the tournament became professional and entered the "open era", that is, it was open to amateur players and professional players to compete.

Live French Open Odds

The French Open odds table is available on our website. This competition is a major international tournament and managed to win many fans who regularly browse the sites in search of French Open odds.

There is a very reasonable explanation for this - the dynamics of the players’ development in such competitions is much higher than that of those participating in other minor championships. Hence the result is not that predictable and this is reflected in the French Open odds.

But what are the French Open betting odds? Consider a specific example: suppose that you have chosen a certain player and the odds for him winning the French Open are 1.6. If you bet 1000 dollars on it and wait for the final match result, you can get 1000 * 1.6, i.e. 1600 dollars.

Simply put, for the French Open, the odds are the multipliers that apply to the bet if it is successful.

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Even more than in other sports, it is really necessary to have a French Open betting strategy.

Indeed, tennis is a sport that requires a lot of knowledge about players and their level of performance on different surfaces. This requires you to get a true culture of this sport, much more than what can be found in football for example.

You must also regularly follow the news in order to know the physical shape of the player and the different stakes of the match and the tournament. Simply because it will have a great influence on the course of the match. In particular, there are tennis matches every day, all the time. Often, even several tournaments take place at the same time and sometimes even on different surfaces. As a bettor, it takes a lot of monitoring. But it is essential if you want your analysis of tennis matches to be successful.

It is clear, French Open betting is not easy for beginners. Knowing tennis is important, but that's not enough. You must also adapt your analysis to the specificities of this tournament.

Betting on tennis live is an opportunity to bet right during the game. At the same time, you get some advantage, because it is much easier to assess the situation and make a choice based on what you see. With the help of live French Open odds, you can make a live bet and protect yourself against the initial bet on a duel, if the current development of events does not coincide with the expected one. The live French Open odds, for instance, give you the opportunity to bet on the favorite of the match at much higher odds if he loses the game at the beginning of a set or loses the first set.

Do not be afraid to take risks. Believe in your strength, and good luck will certainly be on your side!