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From grass to cement, the US Open has changed its skin several times over the years, never losing its role as a major expression of tennis on the American continent. From this section of our website, you can bet on one of the Grand Slam tournaments, the last in chronological order to be played in 2019. Give voice to your passion for tennis with the various bets we offer: pre-match bets on who will raise the cup in the final or bets on individual matches, individual sets and even on games. Have you been following the tournament for a long time? No problem, it will be easy to access the complete US Open betting odds from this page.

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US Open betting and US Open odds are two inseparable concepts, since there is no one without the other, and every bettor must understand this if he wants to learn how to win. If you are ready to make your first bet, and even if you are not doing this for the first time, the odds are an indicator that you always need to keep an eye on. For beginners, odds can be explained as follows: they are a multiplier that shows how many times the amount you bet on a certain event will increase if you win.

To make it clearer, let's look at the simplest example of US Open odds. If the odds set by the bookmakers are 1.5, and you decide to bet 200 dollars, then in case of victory your winnings will be 300 dollars. Usually, the tables of live US Open odds are on the main page on the website of any bookmaker office, and we, also, offer you the most favorable live US Open odds. There is one more detail that you should take into account: the more obvious the outcome of the match and the easier it is to predict, the lower the US Open odds will be, and vice versa if you risk making a fairly complex bet, for example, how many games will be won by an athlete in the last two sets, the odds for such a bet will be significantly higher.

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The first factor that you must pay attention to is the calendar of events. The US Open is the fourth and last of the slams in a season. The season does not end with this tournament because it is played between August and September, but the US Open is still a fortress to be conquered to determine the success of a tennis season. Being the fourth of the main tournaments, it has always been the last challenge before winning the Grand Slam (the victory of the four main tournaments, Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open, in the same season). It is also necessary to check the physical condition of the participants; they are often exhausted because of the many tournaments that crowd the calendar from winter to summer. In short, the US Open betting strategy should not only include statistics but also a set of factors that make it a tournament out of the range of easy predictions.

It began as a pastime for the high society, at the time it was called the US National Championship and changed its name only after entering the Open era. As it has often happened, when it comes to establishing the rules of any newborn sport, an English personality cannot be missing: this time it was the British Walter Wingfield Clopton who described the rules of this new sport in the book "A portable Court of Playing Tennis". This was in 1874, immediately America fell in love with this sport and in 1881 the first officially recognized tournament began. The 1890 edition of the women's tournament was even won by Ellen Roosevelt, cousin of the USA President.

Do you like to play tennis on hardcourt? Then the blue courts of Flushing Meadows in New York are the right ones for you. Bet on the US Open winner with us!