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Wimbledon Tennis

The Wimbledon tennis tournament was born in 1877 in England and is the oldest tennis tournament among all the competitions currently held in the ATP (male) and WTA (female) circuits. The tradition linked to this event is consolidated not only in the host country, England, but also in the rest of the world: tennis and Wimbledon betting enthusiasts wait every year for the month of July to admire the most talented players in circulation.

The Wimbledon tournament is one of four official Grand Slam events, along with Roland Garros, the U.S. Open and Australian Open. It lasts two weeks and is the only Slam tournament to play on the grass fields: a peculiarity that makes Wimbledon the true international benchmark for grass tennis.

The spectacular shots and plays of Wimbledon are on our website, which offers a wide range of odds related to the challenges of the Wimbledon betting: an entire section dedicated to the great magic of grass tennis, with updates on all the protagonists of the event. Wimbledon is an institution for those who still consider tennis as an elegant and refined sport, where attention to detail always makes the difference. In this context the excellent class and the technical qualities of the individual player are enhanced: it is no coincidence that tennis players of excellent technical quality such as Roger Federer and Pete Sampras have won the most titles.

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The Wimbledon Tournament includes five events:

  • Gentlemen's Singles
  • Ladies' Singles
  • Gentlemen's Doubles
  • Ladies' Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles

Furthermore, there is a junior tournament with four categories: singular, double male and female. Finally, an invitation competition in four categories: men's double over 35, men's double over 45, women's double over 35 and men's double in a wheelchair.

The Tournament begins in June and ends in July, after a two-week marathon on the fields of All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

Precisely because of the prestige associated with this world-famous tournament, more and more tennis enthusiasts choose to bet on their favorite tennis players, feeding the related sports betting market. The Wimbledon Tournament is a very important event for betting lovers, because all the greatest players in tennis history take part, challenging each other and giving the public continuous emotions and spectacular matches, on which it is very tempting to bet.

Tennis is a fascinating and captivating discipline in terms of sports betting, due to the unpredictability of most matches, often interrupted due to adverse weather conditions.

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